Vhs movie to dvd

hi everyone. i know this has been asked probaly a thousand times. i need help coverting a impossible to find vhs movie to dvd. first i have my vcr connected to my computer,then i have software from pinnacle,which i think is worthless. when i download movie using pinnacle instant dvd recorder(suppose to burn right to dvd from vcr) i keep getting error during burning process,but i can get movie to my hard drive as a avi file but when i open the file it will not play. why will it not play when it is a avi file? do i have to compress avi file to fit on dvd? if i do which software is best and free? i own clonedvd and nero 7 software,will they help me in anyway? if someone could take the time to explain process it would be greatly appreciated. thanks rich

Do you have a stand alone dvd recorder or perhaps you can borrow one.
If this is the case you will also need a video stabilizer to connect between the two items to assist if the video is protected.
If this is not possible you may need the stabilizer between the vhs recorder and your computer anyway.
I am not sure about the pinnacle card and the software supplied with it but there are others here that should be able to advise.

If you have an AVI file on your drive Nero Vision should be able to make DVD out of it with menu.
It is qiute posible that the tape is protected since it is a movie, in that case you will need stabilizer box to import to HD.

Try the free VLC playback software to play the AVI files on your PC…Just to make sure the VHS capture looks good enough to use Vision Express or any other converting software.

thankyou everyone,first how can i tell if it is protected while it is in avi file? also i did try to open it with nero but it would not work or maybe i was not doing it correctly. i am not very knowledgable about this stuff. so lets say it is not protected ,do i need to compress it with software? and will VLC do this? and once i compress it ,can i just use clone or nero to burn onto dvd? also what the heck is a stabilizer box? thanks rich

VCR’s have copy protection built in which partially scrambles copies of the tapes. A stabilizer box solves this problem. I still have a 27 year old Sansui stereo dubbing VCR that does not have this problem. I use it for all of my vcr related recording and copying. Tapes are a fragile media, so I back up tapes all of the time.

http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ is a playback software that can play AVI files on your PC. It does not compress or copy, just plays movie files on your PC.
Since you already copied your VHS to your PC, you won’t need any stabilizer because the AVI files aren’t maocrovision protected.
The burning errors you are getting is because you are trying to burn the AVI files to DVD without converting those AVI files to MPEG2 in DVD format(VOB, IFO, BUP files).
Thats why you need a converting program like NeroVision Express.

thankyou again everyone you all are very helpful. take care rich

Do yourself a favor buy one of these stand alone DVD/VHS recorder Combo and enjoy easy conversion of your VHS to DVD format.

Hello, I am looking for one of the combos you mentioned (as I am not technically astute enough to copy using my PC); is there a particular one you recommend? There is a Panasonic unit available on Costco.com but I am not sure if it would do what I want, which is to copy a home-recorded VHS tape onto a DVD.

I tested a lot of programs for converting copy protected VHS to DVD and had luck with one from Honestech that was very simple to use. They offer a free try before you buy online and I know it is available at Office Max with the USB capture hardware. It is a very simple copy with only one choice of 2 or 4 hours.

Sorry I did not remember this in the last entry but I also must mention that the Honestech try before you buy software will leave their company name in the center of your video throughout until you purchase it. The other software I tried out had issues with not working for copy protected tapes or there were quality or speed issues with it. This software made a perfect copy except for their logo.

I use ADS’s DVD Xpress (which can be purchased at most Wal-Mart stores or walmart.com). It creates an .avi file which I then import into Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.7. I then make any changes (if necessary) and render it to disk. You can also choose to render it to a folder, which will create a VIDEO_TS folder, which can then be burned to a dvd with Nero, or any such program.

Works well for me.