VHS movie anyone?

What was the last VHS movie that you saw? When did you see it?

PS: no p0rn please. :bigsmile:

Whats a VHS? is it like a new format say mpeg 5? is it better than blu-ray? :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched Scream 3 nights ago. :bigsmile:

Bicentennial Man. I bought a used VHS tape from a video rental store for a little under US$1 this fall perhaps a few weeks ago. It was my 5th or 6th time to watch any VHS tape in my whole life. I never used any VHS player but a Toshiba combo player, VHS rec/play and DVD play. That’s my first and only VHS-compatible machine and will be my last as well. I have a LP player which I picked up somewhere for free but no LP disc. As soon as I bought some LP discs, I already had a 5-CD changer and wanted to have Pioneer 6-CD changer for PC.

I thought MPEG-7 was the next thing so VHS must be MPEG-8 or MPEG-9.

Can’t they make a 1TB tape?

My VCR is nothing more than a fancy TV tuner for my cable TV.
The VCR section stopped working right after my kid jammed his matchbox car into the tape slot. Crazy kid. You gotta love em :slight_smile:

I used to have to open mine up and get coins out of it from my daughter thinking it was a candy machine or something…

The Colour Purple (again) :slight_smile: about 3 weeks ago.

Mel Gibson “Payback” ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I threw away all of my VHS collection just last week. I still use the VCR to record TV shows when my Replay is recording something else, however.

Pokemon “Show Time”. My 4 yrs old borrowed it from local library. I didn’t watch it tho.

Dumb & dumber.

I think VHS is dying, once I got my TV Tuner Card, the VCR became an antique on display. Oh I watched the Wedding Singer last night.

some piece of shit i watched in class as the teachers use videos as “study aids” or in other words put it on and do marking of proper work. only problem was it looked like it had been made in the 80’s and broke up 1/2 way through.

ben :slight_smile:

VHS < VCD < DVD < D-VHS < HD-DVD < Blu-ray

D-VHS is popular among those who want a solution cheaper than Blu-ray but larger than DVD to match HDTV quality.

you forgot VCD < S-VCD