VHS/DVD recorder problem

I have a Panasonic DMR-ES35VS player recorder. When I insert a VHS tape it makes a sound like zzzzzp and ejects it. Previously I was having trouble with ejecting a tape and kept pressing the eject button when I realized there was no tape in there. Could I have damaged the eject button by pressing on it so many times? Since it is a computer I thought if I disconnected it for a day it would go back to when I first got it, but when I plugged it in again it had the time blinking and all I had to do was reset the time. Is there a way I can reprogram this so that the eject button will stop ejecting the tapes immediately. Please help = Thank you.

I wonder if the buzzing could be the sound of the rotating video head spinning against a bent or creased tape?
I’d flip the tape cover up and look at the tape itself. Is it bent or creased? If so I’d try FF or REW the tape and then try again. If all else fails you could take the cover off your machine and observe what’s going on when your insert a tape.
If the machine detects slack in the tape it may eject the tape. AFA the eject button, I’d gently push it to see if it goes in and out, I doubt it’s the button but I suppose it could be.
The ES-35 is a good combo made in '06, the ES-45/46 was the upgrade with HDMI upconverting.

Thanks for your info I will try taking off the top to see what is happening. I know it isn’t the fault of the tape because I have tried so many different tapes and it keeps ejecting each one. Thanks again

I am attaching three photos to illustrate possible problems:

  1. This photo shows the VHS “EJECT” button stuck “in” against the front panel housing. If this is your situation the button mechanism is holding the left front panel circuit board “eject” mini-switch in the “eject” postion. Loosen the button. That should correct the problem.

  2. This photo is a rear view of the front panel. The pencil indicates the button mechanism area and the area where the eject portion of the left front panel circuit board should be. That portion of the circuit board was broken off when the previous owner too vigorously pressed the VHS eject button.

  3. This photo is a front view of the left front panel circuit board. The pencil at the left points to the break in the circuit board; the pencil at the top points to the eject mini-switch. Some may notice that the power mini-switch has been removed from the lower left portion of this circuit board. That mini-switch now resides in another of my DMR-ES35V models.

Mini-switches sometimes fail. Mini-switch replacement is easy. If the left front panel circuit board “eject” portion has broken off replacement/repair is necessary. If the front panel is removed be sure to hold the VHS door open when fitting the front panel back to the case. This will correctly align the VHS door lifting mechanism.