Vhs-dvd help

Hi guys, just need someof the wonderful advice i see posted on here:)

I am trying to convert my vhs home movies onto DVD. Firstly i use Winfast PVR program to capture all video onto my hard drive at optimum mpeg2 quality with all settings set for dvd-pal format.

Then i use either Sonic MyVideo or Ulead video studio6 to edit and convert to dvd. Usually a couple of hours worth of video at a time which takes about 3 hours to render, even though it is al captured in the same format as it is rendering it to. The it wants to burn directly to dvd.

However, most of the movies i convert are larger than the the size of a 4.7 dvd disc. I would like to be able to render the movie straight to Vob files so that i can use dvd shrink to reduce the size of the files to fit on one dvd.

Dvd software i have and use is…
DVD decryptor
DVD Shrink 3.1

So how can i convert my captured mpeg2 dvd compatable files to vob files and then author them into a dvd folder and use dvd shrink on them???

Thankyou for your time and i look forward to
hearing your advice.

I use TMPGEnc-Author to create DVD from MPEG, no re-conversion required. Free trial too.