VHS -> DVD discs I made no longer play



I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago,to make it brief.I copied my home camcoder vhs onto dvd using the cyberhome dvr1600.4 disc’s great then it broke just frooze took it back got it replaced same model cyberhome dvr1600 from asda.This is when it started…well nothing started really.I have been told there is firms/software out there that can retrive and re burn onto dvd agian as so i can watch it.This is my appeal to anyone man,woman,boy or beast please help or and contact’s i can send the disc’s striaght away with the payment that this will cost.Please my wife is none too pleased that the kids hols,xmas’s parties are gone i hope only temp.


Not sure I understand what you mean? Do the discs you made no longer play? If so, do they play in your PC? To see what the discs look like I would download CDSpeed and scan the disc, this will show you if there is any errors on the disc.

If the disc is error free you could try reburning it using something like CloneCD.

One other thing, what media are you using? CDSpeed on the disc info tab will tell you.


No they don’t play on pc or dvd,was hoping you experts out there can help me out.There as got to be away cdspeed can’t get it to start.tried clone cd then says expired please order.


Try using ISOBUSTER and burn it as an image to your Hard Drive.


where do i get how do i do isobuster?really new at this sorry but thanks for all you people out there helping me



Good luck :wink:


Got isobuster great piece of kit.Now i have put one of the disc’s in that did not play,it searched it and found the tracks on it brill.The only problem is or should i say what/how is the most easiest,best way to burn to dvd.ie save it to desktop or a folder.T5hen how do i transfer it i use nero7 now and agian dvd shrink,almost there and the wife is pretty please too.Massive thanks Arachne.


Harley recommended it, I just provided the link :slight_smile:

If you save the data as an image to your HDD (as I believe Harley also suggested), you can use Nero to burn the ISO image - in Nero 7, go to Recorder -> Burn Image (browse to wherever you saved it).



So nearly there but burning it is proving to be tricky well for me anyway.If anyone here can copy it using the method above or any other i am ready to post the three disc’s plus three blank disc’s plus a small cash fee for anyone who can do this for me the wife and kids.Much hope goes out,thank you all.


It may not come to that :slight_smile:

When you read the disc with ISOBuster, does it give you the option to save data on it as an ISO file?

(I never needed to use ISOBuster myself (yet), so I’m just guessing at the options).


comes up with two files prob whats on the disc itself which are IBQ file and IPB file and it says save it as a IBP?


Hmm, I’m not sure on this one…better wait til Harley or someone experienced with ISOBuster can help. :frowning:


Thanks anyway i can see light at the tunnel


Here is one link I found when searching for IBQ and IBP on Google.


These seem to be ISOBuster files. I did not read very much about them, but I hope the link points you in the right direction.


Thanks had a look at that link still none the wiser there will be someone out there who can put this last piece together …me hope’s


We need to wait for someone experience with ISOBUSTER. I know what it is, and some of it’s capabilities, but I’ve never had to use it as of yet.


This time keep the data on your hard drive till your sure you got a burn then keep it there anyway or you will be sleeping on the floor with the dog:bigsmile:

ps:reverse feed back to your camcorder. The tapes will last longer then a dvd will



Better still, next time you copy from your VHS’s, make two copies, on different brands of disc. :slight_smile: