VHS->DVD - Capture Card vs. Stand Alone

I’m wanting to convert a bunch of VHS home movies to DVD and I was told that using a stand alone is easier than going the capture card/pc route. Do you agree with that?(I’m not wanting to edit them) And would this Artec DR-RE 12A DVD Recorder be ok for doing what I want? It’s only $129.00 after rebate, and if it will do what I want, then I will go that route.

If that don’t work…I turned a friend of mine on to this and he bought one. It works great. You can even capture off of the tuner in your VHS player. > http://www.panatechnology.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1043&product_image_x=KWORLD

Wow… only $23.00. I might check that out.

kworld is the “capture card/pc route.”
that’s why it’s cheap.
this also means it’s not as easy to use as standalone dvd-recorder.

but cheap card can yield higher quality video and you’ll be able to pack more video per-dvd-disc than with dvd-recorder.

pick your poison; if you like to tinker with your pc, you’ll go with card.
if not, then you’ll buy standalone.

offcourse i agree that standalone is easier. it’s same as vcr; hit rec, and you’re set; with pc and the card it is never this easy.

Do you think the stand alone that I linked to (url=http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=382300]Click HERE to see it) is ok for doing what I want? I just want to make sure, because it’s so cheap.

What about THIS PLEXTOR unit?

i can’t help you with the choice.

i guess good place to look for reviews is ‘videohelp’ web.

these usb devices are somewhere in between cap.card and standalone if ease of use is concerned, but image quality is more simillar to standalones (ie can’t look as good as output from software mpeg encoder on same bitrate)

One of my friend has a Fx5200 personal cinema graphics card which comes with a seperate video connection hub. He has converted many VHS films to DVD and they look great. The WinDVR software that came with it rubbish. He used the latest version of pinnacle studio 9 and its worked out great for him.