Vhs copy to pc and dvd

Hi, need some advice plz.I’ve got a load of vhs recorded tapes that I want to store on my pc and also convert to dvd.
my vhs recorder is mitshubishi HS-851V(B)
It is a single tape with the following rear connectors
rf in
rf out
scart euro av2 in
scart euro av1 in/out
audio out R(red)/L(yellow)
Is it likely I can use this to copy vhs to pc and also to dvd?
Is the equipment up to the task?
Do I need to aquire other connectors and software to do this?
pc has xpsp3 and I can use other software such as audacity

If these are not commercially made vhs tapes, it would probably be easiest to buy a dvd recorder that has a built in vhs player (if you can still locate one).

To get the video from the recorder to the pc, you’ll need a capture card or device of some sort. There are some that are internal, and there are external devices that hook up to the computer though usb. Living in the US, I have absolutely no experience with scart connectors, but you should be able to find an adapter to go from scart to the capture device. The capture cards I’ve seen use composite, s-video or component (rare) input.

The capture device should come with its own software.

Once on the pc you can convert to dvd-video and burn to a disk relatively easily. You’ll need a dvd burner of course. As for software, you can do the whole process in Nero Burning Suite if you already have it. There are other choices, depending on what format you capture the video in.