VHS Capture to H/D

I am trying to capture my VHS collection to my H/D for eventual conversion to DVD.
So far I have tried Adobe Premier Elements 2.0 that came with my capture device (ADS Pyro A/V Link), and a freeware called Golden Videos 1.10 from a company called NCH Software.
Both VHS capture programs will intermittently crash the P/C with a 0000000A
My P/C is a P-4, 3.06, with 3.0 gb of RAM on a SOYO Dragon LITE P4X400 MOBO. The PSU is a 550 Watt unit.
I have a space of 100gb on a dedicated H/D for the capture. The Pyro A/V Link talks to the P/C through a P.C.I. IEEE 1394 Firewire card. It is the only device on the card.
I am not overclocking or running any hot voltages. The P/C only BSOD’s when I run the capture.
It is very stable otherwise.
A standalone 24 hour MEMTEST ran clean.
Question/Opinion: Do I have enough P/C here to do this job, or am I behind the 8-ball?
Can anyone recommend a capture package that they use that is trouble free?
Am I barking up the wrong tree?
Thank you for any and all responses to my query.


Hi Zartt,
I too, capture with and ADS Pyro AV/Link, and I never had any issues with mine. I even did some captures on my old 2.8ghz pentium. I have done mine on 3 different systems.

One thing I remember, is that the ADS documentation was very specific about the order things needed to be done, in the installation process. There is also a button on the pyro to select how you want to capture (avi or dv-avi), I seem to remember. I’m not at home where I can look at mine.

With mine, I installed the Panasonic DV codec (which came on the ADS CD), and I did all of my captures as DV-AVI. I used multiple softwares for my captures with out problems. You might try things like VirtualVCR, huffyuv, and try doing your capture from “safe mode” or make sure that you shut down things like your firewall and av software, before trying to capture…

If you have download and/or installed a bunch of different codecs, that can cause problems as well.