VGA to YPbPr or HDMI question

I just got an old CRT-style HDTV for free (Sanyo HT32774) . :smiley: Now I want use my laptop (HP ZV6000, ATI Mobility x200M) to watch 720p stuff on there. Now the problem is the TV doesn’t have VGA it. It only has YPbPr or HDMI in. As I understand HDMI is digital and VGA is analog, so I can’t use HDMI input. But can I use a VGA to YPbPr cable? Since they are both analog, would it work? Or do I have spend money on a real converter? Please help, thanks.

Most VGA cables will not allow you to connect your computer’s VGA port to the YPrPb (component) input on your HDTV unless your video card supports YPrPb (component) out function through it’s VGA port. A computer will most likely output only RGBHV.

YPrPb and RGBHV work in slightly different princples.

VGA signals are also known as RGBHV (RGB for short). Component signals are what is known as Y, Pr, Pb. The difference is that the RGBHV carries Red, Green, Blue, horizontal sync and verticle sync all on separate lines. Y, Pr, Pb carries red on one line, blue on one line and then combines the sync with the green on a third line.


Is there anyway to find out if the ATI Mobility x200M supports YPrPb out? Thanks.

ATi have their own component VGA to Component video adapter, but unfortunately they only mention a few old cards which it is compatible with and the page hasn’t been updated for several years (e.g. mentions Windows 98 & XP as compatible, but no mention of Vista/7), so it’s most likely a discontinued product. On the other hand, as some of their early cards had YPrPb support, there is a good chance their more recent cards still offers support.

I tried looking elsewhere, but am getting mixed results of how people get on with VGA to Component video adapters on ATi cards and none relating to the ATi card model (or similar) you have.

So unless someone else here tried one of these with the x200M, your best option to start off with would be to ask a few eBay sellers of this cable. If they can’t confirm, the only last option would be to get it and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, the product manual links for ATi’s own adapter are dead, so if you decide to get it, you’ll need to figure out if there is an option somewhere to enable YPbPr support. Alternatively, you can disable the “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” option and try resolutions like 640x480, 848 x 480 and 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080 interlaced (all 60Hz, if available).

I found that adapter on eBay, but they are like $25. I can get a VGA to HDMI converter for about $40. But I think I’ll try to see if I can buy a generic VGA to YPbPr locally, if it doesn’t work, I’ll return it and get the converter from eBay. Thanks for the help.

Hey awdrifter, been spending sometime looking around and I have not come up with any conformation on weather you video card will do YPrPb (component) out function through it’s VGA port.

Have you tried emailing ATI support and asking?

Like I already stated above, even monoprice is for warning users above what I have told you.


I wouldn’t want you to spend any unnecessary money until you have conformation on the ability of your video card. As Sean stated above ATI do have there own proprietary adapters and they work well, but only with specific video card models. I have a feeling and it’s just that, you will mostly likely be looking an external option to do the work for ya or a video card that will.


Thanks for the info. That’s why I plan to just buy the cable locally (if they sell it), so if it doesn’t work I’ll just return it.