Vga to hdmi converter

Has anyone any experience of these units or any other manufacturer please?

For curiosity, what do you plan using it for? The reason I ask is that these units are quite expensive and good quality converters cost $200 and higher.

If you’re looking to connect your PC to a HDTV set, you would be better off replacing your graphics card with one with HDMI output. This would also give better picture quality than using a VGA to HDMI converter, since the picture will remain in digital from the PC all the way to the TV.

For a laptop however, first check the TV you plan using it with, as many recent TVs have a VGA input. Probably the best place to check would be user reviews on Amazon and NewEgg, as the reviews are mixed depending on the unit. For example, some VGA to HDMI converters only handle up to 1280 x 720.

I was hoping to use my Samsung netbook, this only has a VGA out. TV only has HDMI, thats my problem. It looks like i am going to have to change my netbook for one with HDMI out.

For a Netbook, a USB to DVI adapter may be a better option, especially if you basically intend using the screen as a monitor for e-mail, Internet access and so on. These are similar price (~€60) to a basic level VGA to HDMI adapter. I have used a Toshiba USB to VGA/DVI adapter before and despite my expectation running off a USB port, it was perfectly usable, although I’d imagine that it would struggle with full-screen video. If your TV does not have DVI, you can pick up a DVI to HDMI adapter (or cable) quite easily.

This StarTech model supports up to 1650 x 1050, which is more than what most VGA to HDMI adapters are capable of. As a USB to DVI remains digital all the way, even with a DVI-HDMI adapter, it’ll also give a sharper picture than through the VGA port.

As most Netbooks can only play standard definition video (some up to 720p), for video, you would be better off getting a DVD player with a USB port or a HD media player if you would like to play HD or Full HD video. But for Internet access from a sofa, the USB adapter is probably the best way to go, along with a wireless keyboard & mouse. :slight_smile: