VGA connector LCD/TFT side

VGA connector Prophetview
De bedrading van de VGA connector op de printplaat (13 pin op rij) is losgetrokken.

Kent iemand de pin-out van deze connector ( R G B Sync etc )?

De PC kant van de VGA kabel is een D-Sub.

The wiring of the VGA connector on the printcard (13 pins in a row) is loose.

Does someone know the pin-0ut of this print connector ( RGB Sync etc)?
The PC side of the cable is a normal D-Sub.

Thanks in advance for your help.

OK but I require the pin-out from the monitor print plate.
See picture

I think we need the exact model type and brand of the monitor and/or the mainboard. It’s impossible to say if all monitor connectors are the same.

But to save time, maybe you can contact the manufacturer of the monitor for a new cable. Perhaps they’re not even that expensive. Should save you a lot of trouble.

The monitor is an old [B]Prophetview 720 (Feb 2002) [/B]with
F151 mainboard rev1,1 P/N : 3501-M151001.

I did not succeed in finding a manufacturer or a successor.
(originally : Hercules Technologies S.A. France).

Hope this info may be of some use.
Thank you for your special attention and cooperation.


if you can access a multimeter, and if you still have the original cable, you should be able to find out the pinout yourself.

Next problem would be to get a replacement cable (apart from buying the same monitor via ebay).