Vga streaming video acer 5532



when i plug in a vga cable whether the other end is plugged into a digital tv or not, the ability to display streaming video stops. All that one sees is all the other screen content, but the box where Youtube or a news video would display , is a blank white rectangle…any ideas or explanation?


VGA is an analog video transmission, not digital. Your sources of streaming video may require that your equipment be HDCP compatible, and that means you would need a digital video connection, like dvi or hdmi.

Just a guess though, since I haven’t ever heard of Youtube requiring HDCP.


Thank you for responding. I explored just that… However my Toshiba Satellite (May 2012) C675D-S7109 works with a VGA perfectly fine.
I connect it to my 40 inch LCD TV (June 2012) and view any streaming video i want . My Dell Mini 1012 (Dec 2009) and the Acer (Jan 2009) simply shut down any digital streaming the moment the VGA cable is inserted.


At the risk of pointing out the obvious… do you use the function key combination to switch between laptop LCD and external (on the Dell it’s usually Fn + f8)? Sometimes the external cable is not very well auto-detected and you need to do it manually.


ill try that later…