VFW_E_CERTIFICATION_FAILURE 0x80040295 certification failure



Hi all,

I’m trying to play an AVI file in my own player, which I implemented in C++ using the Directshow SDK.

When I try to play the AVI file in Windows Media player, it is playing just fine, and it says it uses the following codecs:

  • Nero Video Decoder
  • Nero Audio Decoder 2

However, when I try to play it from my own application, or try to render it in GraphEdit, it only renders the audio stream.

For the video stream, GraphEdit gives the following error message:
An operation failed due to a certification failure (Return code: 0x80040295)

Appearantly the Nero Video Decoder filter emits this message and it tells me that I need some kind of certification. Can anybody tell me how I can instruct the filtergraph in the application I built to provide this certification to the Nero Video Decoder filter?

Like I said, Windows Media Player uses the filter without any problems, so I think it is just a matter of querying/using the right interfaces on the graphbuilder object.

Thanks in advance!