Vfn-nr385e dvd/cd drive

Hi, I bought my laptop from the US last summer, in July. Up until September/October, the DVD/CD Drive used to work fine. But I don’t know why, now, it doesn’t read any DVDs or CDs that I put into the drive. It doesn’t even show that something is in the drive when I check My Computer. I’m guessing it’s not reading anything, but what exactly is the problem, and how can I get it fixed? Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, I wote the wrong model number in the title. It is actually VGN-NR385E.

Hi and Welcome!

please start with this test: get a bootable CD (or DVD) and try if you can boot off that disc. You may need to change the boot order in Bios setup.

In Windows, check device manager if there are errors indicated. If so, then please report here.


I tried all sorts of CDs AND DVDs, but nothing runs automatically; the drive does make a whirring sound as though it’s reading off the disc, but it stops after awhile without anything happening on screen. I tried going to My Computer and starting from there, thinking maybe it’s just an “auto-run” problem, but that instead ejects the CD and a message pops up saying, “Please insert a disc in Dive F.” I also did the Device Manager check, but it just shows that the device is working properly. I also have all the latest updates for my laptop installed from Vaio and Windows update, so I’m baffled as to what the problem may be.

If anyone can guess what the problem is…please HELP!

Ok…this is really wierd…I just tried my epson scanner installing cd…and that opened the auto run menu right away…

I SERIOUSLY want to know what the problem is here!

Hm. So you haven’t tried a bootable disc yet…

Since the other disc worked, perhaps it’s only the lens that needs some cleaning.


Do u mean bootable CDs as in the ones that install the operating system?

Hi,[QUOTE=gurl_shine;2236150]Do u mean bootable CDs as in the ones that install the operating system?[/QUOTE]Yes.
I personally prefer a Linux live CD or DVD for that purpose, but a Windows install disc should do also. Please watch the screen output carefully, since there is a “hit any key to boot from CD” for a short time. Of course you should cancel, if you are asked to reinstall the operation system.