Veteran needs help with ISO Files. What the heck do you do with them?

As you can tell I’m very new to burning and such. I have downloaded files that said they were video or music, but when completed it shows the names and this ISO stuff. I’m confused.
I got as far as getting Power ISO Ver 3.8

  1. I would like to watch/listen to these on my CD/DVD player.
  2. I have a DVD burner and a CDRW.

Please Help!!!

Thanking you in advance,
LuckyOneLR :confused:

Welcome to the forum LuckyOneLR. If you’re wanting to burn these .ISO images to CDs or DVDs there’s no finer free software than ImgBurn. If they are movie or video files and you simply want to view them then VLC Media Player is what I’d use. It requires no additional codecs and can read ISO files directly (VLC probably works for music too, I’ve never tried it).