Very wierd fault with pioneer 106d



i have a pioneer 106d was working fine reinstalled xp and now it has problems reading discs , i have fw v1.08 it burns fine with nero and roxio it can read original discs but it will not read discs burnt by itself. it has burned them correctly as they work on my m8s comp and my dvd player any thoughts and suggestions are greatly recieved

amd duron 1.3Ghz
512 mb ram
512 nvidia geforcefx3200
phillips psc 605


the discs used are red datawrite dvd- , one dvd- and bulkpaq dvd-
does ne one know if the 106d supports +r discs and if it does is this likely to help or is it just cheap shit discs , or does my burner sound fucked


Yes, it is.

You can clean the lens anyway.