Very Weird Problem

Hey there,

I have been burning CD’s for years and DVD’s for the past year. I use RecordNOW MAX, and have been pleased with it. But lately after no changes at all i am experiencing a very weird thing.

The disk burns ok and says that all data is burnt - it goes through all the relevant stuff etc… And comes out says “Disc Sucessful”

Then when i look on the disk to see what has been burnt (the purple side of the phsyical disk) i see 1/2 a band of “data” (darker purple) round the middle - then a gap - then a little more round the edge of the disk! So theres a gap of data on the disk.

This means 1/2 the data isnt on the disk when it says it has been burnt to it. So the DVD dont work!

I have never seen this before, could it be a screen saver issue? I have run screen savers before with no errors - and the disk says it has been burnt correctly. What is going on?

Has anyone got any ideas?