Very weird Diablo II LOD errors

My original Diablo II and LOD cd’s are scratched beyond use. I borrowed a copy of Diablo II and copyed it with clone CD on securom settings and it works perfectly. I decided to download an image rip of LOD. The download package contained the following files:


I burnt LOD with Clone CD on Game CD profile first and it installed fine but once i went to play the following errors came up.

(if i try to play with LOD cd)

I click don’t send and the following error comes up.

I click retry and the original error shows up.

(if i try to play with D2 play disk)

I click retry and the error comes up again.

I then burnt LOD with Clone CD on Securom profile and the same thing happened.

Any ideas? I was thinking about trying a no cd patch but i don’t know where to find one.

Can anybody help me here? I’m not sure if I posted this in the wrong forum if so can somebody movie this topic or I can make it again in the approriate section.


For a start, we can’t help you with what is unfortunately an illegal download. However, it should be pretty obvious to you by now that it isn’t any good anyway.

What we can and do suggest is that you contact the game’s distributor for a replacement for your scratched cd. Most will replace a damaged cd for a fairly nominal charge if you can demonstrate that you’ve purchased an original.