Very Very Strange Nerocom

Firstly Help ?

I have been using Nerocom api for a project and all was working fine, I had to re-install my system, after installing Nero I reinstalled Visual Basic and opened my project.

Before I refomatted all DvDs written were writing at 4 speed, since re-installing they all now only write at 1 speed, but if I use nero buring rom they all write at 4 speed.

Think it might have something to do will the licencing ?

Nero Version Nero- (Legal Copy)
Nerocom file version : 1, 3, 1, 2

Thanks In Advance.


I am having the same problem. Mysteriously, the program I am developing will not detect write speeds greater 4x. The program was working correctly detecting, burning, and ripping at the correct speeds. I have tried reinstalling, using different versions, using a bundled version, and the ultra edition, I have tried cleaning out the registry, using the nero clean utility, switching computers and tried the dynamic speed reg key from nero. All of these things give me the same result. Any ideas would be great. Here is my info:

VB.NET 2003
Nero Ultra Edition (valid key)
LiteOn CDRW SOHR-5238S

Have you tried hard coding a speed of 4? If so what happens?


Yep, same for me too (I’m actually quite relieved that I’m not the only person suddenly experiancing this problem because I thought I was going insane…).

A few days ago my C# app detected all sorts of write speeds, now it only detects 1 per media type, viz. 8x for CD-R’s and 1x for DVD±R’s. I’m using on the version of Nero6 that came with my SONY DRU720A drive. Nero6 Burning Rom itself though continues to pick up the write speeds as normal…

Is it maybe possible that something in was hard-coded to expire after 1 April?? If so, what on earth do we now do?? :confused:

Guys, it IS date-related: I just set my system date back a month and hey presto it’s back to detecting all speeds…

OK, so who do we shoot?

Ok I figured it out and I want to strangle whatever Ahead programmer did this. First, like mvockerodt said it is date-related. It expires on April 1st. Secondly, you must have version and below. You CANNOT have version installed or it will continue to not work. I’m guessing this is some kind of April fools joke (hence the ‘a’ in the version) but it cost me 5 days of developement time trying to figure this mess out. Not only does this time/version thing screw up the burning speeds it also screws up image creation with nero image recorder. Hope this helps

BTW: I have contacted Ahead about this problem and I am awaiting a response

Cool, thanks for the update. Looking forward to hear the reply from them.

BigTaco, any news from Ahead yet???

More Strange :

I don’t have the same write speed if my CDR is in the Writer when I Start BurnIsoAudioCD() !
If the CDR is already in the writer, speed is 4x,
If there is no CDR, NeroCOM open the writer, I put a CDR and then the write speed is 10x !!

Ahead, where are you ???

I think under “normal” conditions the writer will (somehow, because I don’t understand the intricacies of the physical media) determine which write speeds are possible for whatever type of media is currently inserted. I say this because I’ve tried media of various speeds (prior to 1 April) and I got different lists of speeds returned, which kinda made sense at the time so I figure the hard/software knew what it was doing.

But this is all assuming that write speeds aren’t being artificially filtered, of course… I honestly can’t think that this would be a big issue for Ahead to sort out speedily…??

The speed detection problem was caused by some changes in NeroAPI, where it was running in demo mode for NeroCOM.
In the next web release the problem will be fixed.

Excellent, your response is much appreciated. I look forwrd to the next web release :slight_smile:

Appears to now be fixed in :slight_smile:

Very odd, the problem seems to be back again!!

Nero: 6,6,0,12
NeroCOM: 1,3,1,2

I’ve set my system date to 11-05-2004 (!) and it still runs at just 1X…

anyone got any ideas?

Sigh, seems you are correct, I’m getting the same results as well… was working fine last month though.

Sorry, but it was a little bit to late to include the fixed NeroCOM version into current Nero web release. But the next version will in any case fix this problem.

hrmph! (odd then that it worked for a while after installing…)

Yes because this was April release, which expired at the end of the month.

oh OK, I see… p.s. thanks for the feedback…

Well i’ve set the date to 18th April 2005 and it’s back to working at full speed… it’s just a real pain, since my app uses the file creation date to sort a list and now the list is all over the place!

czykit: any idea when the fixed version will be released?

thanks to you all