Very very strange internet problem

I pray to god someone can help me, cause I cant live without my internet!

According to my computer, my internet connexxion is working in every way,
yet, when i press internet explorer, nothing happens. I cant get on internet.
Ive tried almost everything.

LAN Cable, wireless, firefox, Windows Update (I own Windows Vista, HP Laptop), nothing worked!!
With my boyfriends laptop everything works, no internet problems what so-ever.

Please help me ???

Hey there,

Since you boyfriend’s system works, you need to look at your system itself.

1 - determine if you can connect to the network (not internet). If you can’t you need to address the network connectivity issue first.

2 - assuming you CAN connect to the network, do these steps:

– ping the IP address of your computer.

– ping the IP address of your default gateway.

If you cannot ping then you need to look at your NIC or Wireless NIC (whichever you use).

If you can ping and get replies, you know the connection is good. This points to software as the likely problem.

3 - Look for IE highjacking applications and spyware. I prefer IOBIT System Care (free version). You may have to download on boyfriend’s system and save the file to a CD or pen drive, then install it that way.

  • Once you run the install, it will scan the system. Make the appropropriate fixes and then click on the UTILITES button of the application. Choose TCP/IP tuneup and appy the recommended settings.

See if this helps.

4 - click on start, then run and type in MSCONFIG and hit enter

  • click on the services tab and then check the box that hides all MS applications

  • uncheck all the remaining boxes in the window

  • restart the computer

  • see if you can connect now

5 - If you still cannot connect, post the results and we can look at the next steps

So, you could get on the internet at one time but now you can’t? Did you download or install anything just before this happened?
This may sound silly, but for the wireless, did you make sure the wirless button/switch on the laptop is turned on? One possible solution is to go to Device Manager, right click My Computer, select properties, then hardware, then Device Manager. Scroll down until you see Network Adapters, click the little plus sign, right click on your wirelss adapter and select uninstall, do the same with the lan adapter, close the windows, then reboot the computer.

quick and simple thing to try. From your command prompt (start/all programs/accessories/command prompt) enter IPCONFIG /RENEW
Make sure that you enter a space between the IPCONFIG and the /

All this does, is polls your nic card/router connection and updates the ip address. It won’t hurt anything.

Some broadband modems will only allow a single MAC address to access the Internet at a time.
This is usually resolved by unplugging the modem for several minutes and reconnecting everytime a different computer is attached to it.

If the modem has a built-in battery, the battery must be removed.