Very upset mouse



I have a microsoft “Wheel optical mouse” and i am starting to have problems with it. I have had it for awhile but they have just started. The mouse keeps locking, like there was no mouse plugged in, and then it works again, and then eventually it stops working, i have to take the adapter off and shove it angrily in a usb port. It does exactly the same, apart from when it goes into its “freeze” mode (where only the mouse freezes, keyboard still works) it makes the sound the computer makes when you take something out of the usb port, and then back in again. Eventually this locks up too so i must keep switching ports.
I thaught at first this was a problem with the mouse itself, so i put in an identical one, getting the same problem. So i thaught it might be drivers, i uninstalled its current one and went on the microsoft site and put a new one on.
Still i have a problem. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?


I have noticed that sometimes, and only sometimes, that it says it cannot detect what is in the USB port, and then it does eventually. I really cant work out what is wrong!


Have you tried it in a different USB port? Or with a PCI USB adapter?


I’ve tried it in both ports and with the adapter. The adapter is what it first started buggering about with.


use PS/2 - USB sucks

boot into Safe mode and remove All under the Mouse section and reboot

Also - what OS, and what USB versions


It buggers up whichever one i use

I did that and its still buggering up, the device driver (Microsoft PS/2 Port mouse (Intellipoint) just comes back, even if i uninstall it with safemode

I’m using XP sp 2, and I have 2 usb ports. I dont know which driver version they are because in the device manager under “Universal Serial Bus contollers” I have
4: VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
1: VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller


back to your initial issue - perhaps the mouse freezing is indicative of malware or excessive CPU usage
use TaskManager to see what processes are hogging the CPU,etc
SpyBot S&D will show you all running tasks (even hidden System hooks - iphooks)

Do AV scan and malware scans is a decent online scanner and Avert Stinger is a standalone for recent threats

I think even this forum has a Spyware/Adware/Malware/Trojan killing section

HijackThis and others are good tools to isolate and kill nasties
Process Explorer from is another tool to view the crud running


Hi Duncan,

Year or two ago, I had exactly the same problem with an optical mouse. It would work for awhile, then cut out, then work again (same thing when hooked up as PS2). It even did this on different PCs too. I took it all apart, reseated all connections and cleaned it, and same thing. He could be right that your PC is having other issues, but you may just have a bad mouse.

Not sure I really agree on the “usb sucks” thing though, maybe someone else does. But I’ve been using USB mouse for quite some time, for gaming and everything, and not a single problem with any of it. USB even seems smoother and more responsive than PS2 to me.

Try your mouse on a different PC, or vice versa, try another mouse on YOUR PC. First thing you need to do is eliminate your mouse or PC as the cause of the problem, then your direction will become clear. Good luck


Before i tried a mouse of the same type, which had the same problems.

Next i tried another optical mouse, but i couldnt find any drivers for it and it was very erratic.

Then i tried my old “ball” mouse, which i hate, but the problem is gone, it is a simple ps/2 only mouse. I guess drivers MUST have been the problem, even though i downloaded new ones. What do you guys think?


Hi Duncan, I’ve just started reading this thread but something really stood out to me:

I have a microsoft “Wheel optical mouse” and i am starting to have problems with it. I have had it for a while but they have just started.
I have XP SP2 and a Microsoft Intellimouse and have had so for about 3 years. Recently I suffered similar issues to yourself, it was because my son had been using my mouse for a punching bag. (18 Months Old) I personally have no problem with USB and I think Optical kicks over ball. Here at work out network consists of 2000 or so users all who have Intellimouse USB Optical mice. Of the 500 or so calls a week, maybe 1 or 2 relate to mice. Remember too that XP comes with USB Drivers built in for Microsoft/Logitech mice.


Thing is, that i have tried other illtelliport mouses, exactly the same to mine, getting the exact same problem.


Do you guys think re installing windows might help? I’ve never done it before but some people say its useful.


Duncan, can you get your hands on a different kind of mouse? Try with a Logitech or some other brand, see if the problem persists. If that fixes it, then you probably have a driver issue specific to that kind of mouse. If it still fails, then you have some other problem (like something hosed with your usb drivers or hardware/mobo, or a Windows issue).

I know you said you tried another kind of mouse, but you didn’t say what. I never actually even load any extra drivers for mouse, I just plug it in and use it, XP drivers work fine. Usually I only buy Logitech or Microsoft mouse, but I’ve never had any driver issues or a need to even load additional drivers. When you plug a new optical mouse on, it should just work, and not be erratic as you say, at least not really bad.

Have you tried checking in your bios for whatever USB settings you may have in there? I know you didn’t change anything in the bios, but maybe you need to load setup defaults or something. Maybe it’s related to Windows sp2 as someone already said. You could try reformatting and reloading Windows, but that’s alot of work and hassle, and maybe won’t change anything, up to you though, you could try. If you haven’t ever done it before, might be a good time. I like to do it every once in awhile, just cleans up your system, maybe run a little faster again too, gets rid of weird little this and that problems you may have had. Windows just gets cluttered over time, depending on what you do on your PC of course.

Kinda strange though, that it’s not a bad mouse. Your described problem is like a mirror image of what my bad mouse did. It would stop working, plug it in another port, then it worked again, for just awhile. Sometimes it didn’t work right away when I plugged it in. It even did this on different PCs too. Bought a new mouse, same make and model, and the problem dissappeared. Oh well, good luck man :slight_smile:


At the moment, im using a logitech one, im not sure its full name because i cant find the box. Its got a roller ball (arrghh!) And 2 mouse wheels, its nothing snazzy though. I would rather be using my microsoft one. At least it has no problems. Its working on the driver that xp gives it, same as the jittery mouse.

I am thinking of reformatting again, but it does require, like you said, a lot of time and effort backupping everything.