Very unconventional question



Ok… I’m looking for a program that will literally BURN a cd, I mean write to it no matter what condition the media is in, is this possible at all? I want to be able to burn to a CD no matter how scratched it is, no matter what kind of data may have been written to it before, I really would like something that will turn the laser on, spin the CD and not turn off 'till it reaches the end, is this possible?

and please don’t ask WHY I want to do this, it’s personal :wink:


One thing right off the bat is that if your CD has scratches the laser will diffuse when it hits the scratch and not properly burn the pit it would need to record your data. Also unless you have a CDRW disk it won’t be able to rewritten.
That said, checkout Clone CD…but your hardware needs to be supported.


The only program that I know of that can dump a cd which has gaps or scratches is BlindRead. This program was tested on a cd wich had gaps, scratches and even holes! Download it at Mail me for the crack


why does everyone always say “mail me for a crack/serial”??? are you really that desperate for email? sign up for some porno mail or something, you get some pics every day. from now on, just post the damn serial. for blindread, the serial is: LO19WP054ROWFCFJ.

if that doesn’t work and you want the keygen, goto or


Mmmm… see that’s the thing guys, I’m not trying to READ or RIP a CD, I’m trying to WRITE, BURN ONTO a cd that’s already scratched, like, say I’ve got a blank CDR with scratches, I need a program that’ll just literally blindWrite, Blindly write to the CD.


P.S. to that, YES, I do not intend to be able to read the cd at all, just burn it, the reason is a secret


why don’t you just take a lighter and hold it on the shiny surface of the disc for a minute? that will burn it good.


microwave 5seconds on high makes great light show and pattern on cd


What on earth could be so secretive that you can’t mention to complete strangers that you will never meet? He’s probably trying to store all his kiddie-porn on it and hope that someday he can recover it. =)