Very strange thing with The Firm

Ok, been ripping all my dvds to main movie mpegs by using ripit4me and then vob2mpeg. Been working great and got to an old favorite “The Firm” and using the wizard mode in ripit4me. I shows the normal widescreen 16:9. When I get to the step to import into dvd shrink, I import it and it in the preview window it shows up as 4:3. So i convert the vobs to mpeg and sure enough it is playing 4:3. The dvd is widescreen and plays widescreen in media player. I can even bring up the video_ts folder from where dvd decrypter ripped it and it plays widescreen. But when i convert to mpeg it changes to 4:3, or when I bring it into dvd shrink it’s showing 4:3.

Does anyone know what is going on here?


Anyone with any suggestions?

I am going to confine my comments to your aspect ratio problems.

Check the AR in the VOBs with VobEdit - this will tell you what the film is shot in. Irrespective of that, the AR in the IFOs controls its display. Open the DVD in PgcEdit and check it using Domain Streasm Attributes. It might be 4:3 Source picture letterboxed (as opposed to true 16:9). In this case, if things look incorrect, you may wish to convert it to 16:9 anamorphic. DVD Rebuilder can do this.


So I opened up the first vob of the movie in vobedit. Sure enough under video attributes it says code 2 4:3. Very odd, on the dvd case it’s listed as enhanced for widescreen tvs, which is not letterboxed. And the fact that ripit4me and dvd fab see it has a 16:9.