Very strange reading problem

I got a 1693s that has been working nicely on 300+ verbatims for a while now. All of a sudden it will not read any of them, when I put it in it reads a bit but then just shows empty cd drive and says windows cannot read when I click on it. Tried at least 10 fresh discs.

However… it burns them fine (tested discs on other pcs and they read), it burns other media fine, also, it reads the old exact same verbatim media that I have burned previously fine. I have tried several burning progs and two different firmwares (KS0B and KC4B)

Any ideas on why it’s doing this and any suggestions greatly appreciated.(I have over 100 discs left)

maybe a software conflict… did you installed something like daemon tools?

I have had this same problem recently. Did anyone find a solution for this problem?