Very Strange Quality Scan

I burnt an ISO on 3 of my OEM TY 8X DVD+Rs and all got similar scans like below.
The PIF failures is 70+ at the start but after that it is like normal for the rest of the disc.
The PO failure which is supposed to be ZERO, also comes out as 400+ at first then after that it doesn’t increase.
And the Advanced Disc Quality Test can’t even be initialized!

I burnt 3 DVD+Rs @ 8X, 2 on my desktop’s Benq DW1620 Pro and 1 on my laptop’s Philips DVD8801 (flashed to DW1655 BCIB) which was connected externally.

All my previous OEM TY DVD+Rs burnt on these 2 drives got a quality score of at least 97.
So is this scan acceptable?
Could it be due to a corrupted ISO? But BitComet had hash checked the file after it finished downloading. A CRC32 check using the SFV file included also showed no errors.

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Please rescan that disc with your BenQ DW1620 and post the result. :wink:

BTW, putting optical drive in enclosures can bring quite surprising results.

Try the same media with another drive to copy about 500MB of data from windows. If the media is bad, then you will see the spike @ the beginning.

Just a hint, read the rules…

Thank you pinto2.
My Philips drive is not in an enclosure.
It is connected to a USB to IDE cable,
but I guess it has the same effect as an external enclosure.

I’ve tried quality scanning on my desktop’s DW1620 and it gave similar results.
Advanced disc quality test could also not be initialized.

And I’ve tried copying the whole disc to my hard drive.
I got a CRC error not long after it started copying.

I’ve also burnt the ISO a 4th time on my desktop using Alcohol 120%.
The previous burns were done using Nero 6.6 .
And I got similar quality scans too.

Anyone knows what the problem is? :frowning:


Does the problem occur if you burn something else?

I would try a different batch of media,
just to rule that out.

No it does not occur. The first disc I burnt was the last unused disc of 1 spindle.
All the previous burns had a quality score of at least 97 on my Philips drive and my DW1620.
However, I wasted the next 3 discs on a new spindle and I have not burned anything else on this spindle yet.

One more thing, when I mounted the ISO using Alcohol 120% on my desktop and ran it, there did not seem to be any errors. Whereas when I installed from my burnt DVD+R and then ran it, I got errors and the program went back to the desktop.


If you have successfully burnt other things since this problematic ISO, then I would say the ISO itself is somehow the source of your problems. Depending on the contents of your ISO, the only way to archive the contents would be to burn the ISO file itself as a data disc, if it fits on a normal DVD recordable disc. Strange problem :confused:

Hmm… if it’s an ISO - try using IMGBurn because I know that’s very reliable for burning ISO’s … an error spike that big and that short hints at a re-link issue - make sure your hard disk isn’t excessively fragmented, or that portion of the ISO isn’t stored on a questionable part of your hard disk [some hard disks develop bad sectors which they hide, and if stored in that segment can slow down read rates and cause a relink to occur]. Otherwise, make sure the power supply is fine and not giving power spikes/dips. If it keeps happening, maybe faulty drive. Try playing with the solidburn - turn it off and see whether it makes a difference?