Very strange problem!

when i burn a dvd whit diffrent burn software
the won’t play at all

they always did it

when i look with nero under recorder>media info

there is 1 dvd sesion with 2 tracks ??

when i look at a dvd that play’s well there is 1 track

the dvd that plays look like this

dvd sesion
>sesion 1 (4312 mb)
>track1 0 4414880 kb , udf/iso (mode 1 )

the dvd that won’t play looks like this

dvd sesion
>sesion1 (4483 mb)
>track 1 0 4556384 kb ,udf/iso (mode 1)
>track2 2278208 33,792 kb, data (mode 1)

so i think the probleem is the second track but i do not know where he cames from

whem i burn a +r/w all is fine and teh second track isn’t there

anybody a idea
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Originally posted by marcooooo
when i burn a dvd whit diffrent burn software they won’t play at all

What different software have you been using? And with Nero, what settings used ( DVD-Video, UDF or UDF/ISO) ?

i have tried them all

b’s recorder gold (the one i always used about 100 times with out a problem)

nero (dvd video and dvd rom )
instant vob (or something like that )

i frind it strange that there is a second track but when i burn a +r/w or the dvd’s from the past there isn’t a second track

A second track like you mentions is very strange indead. I would suggest trying Nero (the latest) and burn using UDF/ISO with no multisession, no juliet. If that does not work, then you have a problem with your files or your OS.

i had one dvd that gave a error when i was burning him so that dvd was not closed

and when i burnt a file at it with nero (dvd-rom) it was closed and the movie did play as far he was on it so i think that it goes wrong when the dvd get closed ??

You should also be burning in DAO mode as well. All DVDR Videos MUST be closed.

yeah i know that

but this one wasn’t closed because there was a scsi target error
zo i thought what the heck i try burning a file from 53 kb at it and than nero did closed him and he plays well ??

and there was only one track

i will try a clean install from win xp and see what happens


ok i have done a clean install of win xp

and i burn’t 1 with b’s recorder gold (as always) and all went fine
only b’s recorder gold didn’t closed him

so i closed him with nero and he plays fine

my question why b’s recorder gold didn’t closed him ??

maybey burner broken or bad media (imation)