Very strange problem, PLEASE HELP

I have just recently bought a NEC 2500A to replace my cd burner, so now I have a dvd rom and a dvd burner hooked up to my computer. The problem is, while both drives can read cd’s and the NEC 2500A can burn cd’s, but none of them can play a dvd (original Bad Boys 2 dvd plus others). I haven’t tried burning a dvd yet.

When I put in a dvd windows media player opens (I have also tried it with real) and it just says “searching for media”. It shows track #s and chapters #s, but doesn’t look like it recognizes what dvd it is. Then it just freezes, and the only way to unfreeze it is to eject the disc.

I have tried connecting only one drive at a time, but even when I do that, same thing happens.

I don’t know what else to do, I don’t think that it is bad drive, cause my dvd rom used to work, but when I installed the NEC, it doesn’t anymore, but I don’t know what it can be. I only have a couple of days to fix it before the deadline to return the drive ends.

Please help, I am new to computers and don’t know much about it.

Have you set the region for the 2500A yet? Right after you install it you have to put a DVD (region 1 for me in the USA) in the drive and select region 1. Its under the 2500A drive properties. :eek:

yeah, it’s set to region 1 already.
Thanks for the quick suggestion

Post your COMPLETE computer system specs, operating system, burner programs( all bitwriting programs) and people can help you better:D:iagree:

oh yeah, forgot about that

HP 760n Desktop

  • 1.8_GHz Intel Pentium 4
  • 512_MB SDRAM
  • 120_GB Hard Disk
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Nero and HP Record Now for burning

Are you only testing with 1 specific DVD-ROM disc?
Try a few and see if it happens will all your discs.

I only tried two, but those two have worked before on my dvd rom. I’ll try some more.

thanks for the suggestion!:slight_smile:

Did you install any software right before the DVD drives stopped reading discs? If so, post the list of software.

Another suggestion, run a windows update and install all service packs/critical updates/cd & dvd related updates. It’s good to stay up to date anyway…

Just a suggestion, but try to find another software program, like powerdvd or windvd and try that. I use powerdvd and love it.

thanks to everyone that helped, I downloaded powerdvd and it works.
Thanks Thanks Thanks:bigsmile: