Very strange problem help!

I have been burning data files to full face inkjet printable disks with no problem for while now but 2 day ago i was unable to for some strange reason. I have tried full face white and silver disks and now they all fail at the lead in stage, does anbody have an idea why?. I can burn to dvd disks that arn’t full face printable :confused:

I forgot to say that i have a Plextor 716a drive and have been using nero

Do you use the same media or different media?

I am half way though both packs, like i said they were fine and then for some reason they wont burn now

What media are you using? A DeFrag wouldn’t hurt.

Not only what media, but what media code???
Use this free program to read the media and manufacture id off the disk and tell us what it is (you can us it on blanks and they are still usable as well as burned disks, good burns or bad). It is possible that you got the same brand, but diffrent true manufacture (most dvd blanks are made by someone else, including all the major brands like memorex, sony, maxell, tdk etc).
dvd identifier

They are the same disks i have been using, i bought 50 of each and have been burning on them fine. I am half way through both packs but i can’t use them now :sad:

It could still be the media. I had some prodiscf01 inkjet printables, and some worked great, and others were crap. We need you to post your media code to figure out if you are using good media, or marginal media with known issues.

Like harley, ripit and I have requested, we need the exact media mid code to help you. This can be gotten by down loading this program and running with a disk in your drive. DVD Identifier

The white disks are Ritek corp and the id is RITEKG05

Many complaints on this media for at least the last 1/2 yr. Strongly suggest getting some TY’s. If your in the states, go to or Or if you can’t wait for mail order find yourself some Verbatim’s or Fuji, TDK. But with the Fuji and TDK, make sure it’s made in Japan and not Taiwan.

There working again now :slight_smile: i went into nero properties and clicked on use all media, i dont know how it got turned off i even reinstalled and it was unchecked :confused: .
Anyway thanks guys :slight_smile:

If you want your burns to hold up, I would still look into better media. If you check around the forum, you will see that most of us will use nothing but Verbatim 16x (MCC03), Taiyo Yuden, or FujiFilm Made In Japan (which is Taiyo Yuden). HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR STUFF!