Very strange CDRWIN error ....please help



I hope someone knows what is going on here...
I downloaded and burned the Bleem ISO, and it works on both my old goldstar 4x, and my burner (4416s). But it won't work on my Teac 532e-b drive. I assume this is related: if I go into CDRwin and go to 'extract sectors/disc', if I put the Bleem CD-key in the Teac drive, I get this VERY strange error:

"Error: Internal bugcheck detected".

Of course, the sectors won't show up at all. Note that I have NO problem with either the 4x goldstar or the burner on extract sectors (except the goldstar can't handle the illegal audio track spaces).

The teac reader is otherwise a great reader (reads any and all CDs, including safedisc protected ones), but why is the Teac drive causing that error in CDRWIN? What does that error mean anyway?

I also get this error when I go to the "TOC" option, and select "read data mode" box.

Is my teac drive so "good" that it is detecting something that the other drives can't, including the writer?