Very Strange CD-R Tests

I posted before about the unbelievably bad Beta/Jitter results I’m getting on a PX716A with both firmware versions 1.06 and 1.07. The weird thing is that the C1/C2 tests look great and the CDs seem to be very readable. In fact, audio CDs that I burn for use in my car work fine even with all of the vibration.

I’ve been using Nero to burn the CDs, so I thought I’d try Plextools for the burn. Well, here is the Plextools Beta/Jitter test for a TDK CD-R 48x burned at 48x with version 1.06. The test aborted right at the beginning with an “uncorrectable read error.” This is the same error message I get with all CDs when using the Plextools Beta/Jitter test, although the Nero burns almost complete the test before it aborts. I have the same problem if I burn CDs on a Samsung CD burner. Is there a problem with Plextools reporting false test results?


It seems to be a media related problem: “031105 MEDIUM ERROR: L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR”.

Interestingly Plextools B/J-scan works fine on all my CD-R. But it gives erros when I want to do one on a CD-RW. It gives errors on both my 716a and my 712a. See here:

I’ve mailed Plextor Belgium support about this. Maybe you might add your problem too? So we get more attention :slight_smile:

I also get the same error when I use Verbatim CD-R 52x burned either at 48x or at 16x. The Verbatim burns look great on C1/C2 tests, but the Beta/Jitter tests look terrible and abort with the same error message. If it’s media related, I’m puzzled by this.


See my post here

I think the jitter scan function of 716 is flawed.

If it’s a problem with the jitter scan function of the 716A, is it something that’s correctable in firmware? Or is the problem with PlexTools not interpreting the jitter scan test data from the 716A correctly?

I am new to testing various burns, but from what I understand, I agree that the Jitter test seems flawed. Look at the 3 attached images of the same Taiyo Yuden CD-R that I just burned. Whenever I run the Beta/Jitter test, I get similar results of Jitter going from low to off the scale. And is my Beta really that perfect?

Let me know if you think the test is flawed also, or if I am missing something?

your jitter scan is whack, but to better evaluate the beta, change the graph range (under preferences) to “-0.05 to +0.05” which is a better setting for CDs. your c1/c2 looks very good though and your read curve is nice and smooth…

I have attached an updated image with the scale range set to “-0.05 to +0.05”. Do others agree that the Jitter test is flawed or might I have drive/media problems? Would PxScan or Nero CD-DVD Speed give different results for Jitter if Erik Deppe adds support for Plextor drives?

try a PxScan to see whether it’s firmware/drive or plextools causing this…

didn’t realize PxScan doesn’t do beta/jitter for CD-Rs…at least 1.6.5 doesn’t unless i’m missing something…

Do others agree that the Jitter test is flawed

The only thing more jittery than that is me after too much coffee. I think there’s a problem with PlexTools.

I also have the same problem with jitter in CDR and I am sure that its something on the 716 processing side as the test has been made on thee drives two #0305 and one #0204 and I had the same results. I have talked to Mr Gert from Plextor Belgium and he told me that the passed the problem to Japan. I think that we must make a contact to Japan to express our dissatisfaction about that parameter of this product.

i think it’s a firmware issue (hopefully to be resolved by the next update). some here have shown that 1.06 doesn’t give the same jitter results as 1.07.

the only thing that’s weird is i’ve had “normal” jitter scans using 1.07 but have ALSO had the whack jitter scans like above…

check out examples in the CD Quality Scans thread here:

Is there solid evidence that this is NOT a physical flaw with the drive itself?

I just purchased two of these with this exact same problem, and I really need to know if the issue is hardware or firmware (and I don’t mean firmware being used to hide a hardware issue).

drpino: PxScan really doesn’t support jitter/beta tests on CDs at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Would PxScan or Nero CD-DVD Speed give different results for Jitter if Erik Deppe adds support for Plextor drives?
They would display the result without cutting the picture…

alexnoe, any plans on implementing in future versions?

wish Erik Deppe would step up like you guys and say f*ck Plextor…

I’ll check if it can be added easily to the current stuff.

thanks alex! :bigsmile:

Here’s a burn of a Verbatim CD-R at 48x using a PX-716A version 1.08. The C1/C2 test is pretty good, but the Beta/Jitter test is not. At least this time, the Beta/Jitter test didn’t abort before it reached the end.

granted the CD-R (a 52x Verb Mitsubishi Chem Corp Type 3) was burned @ 4x …got a reasonable jitter scan out of Plextools Pro 2.24: