Very strange burn, anyone offer a suggestion?

I’ve made a copy of Uncle Buck with my Pioneer 111BK using DVD Fab, the disc works fine in 4 other units I’ve put it in but strange thing is it’s not recognised at all by the Pioneer burner that made the burn.

Just says disc is not assessable and incorrect function. It’s a verbatim DVD R+, I’ve checked the burn in plex tools using the TA test, disc is ok apart from outer section and it states its bad. Although lots of discs can be like this but they still are readable in the pioneer.

A few months back my pioneer wouldn’t do any copies at all using any program which I had thought I had solved by using a cleaning disc. Does it sound like my drive could be on its way out, or do strange burns like this sometimes occur?

Just giving this post a bump, didn’t realize I’d asked a tough question?:slight_smile:

@ neojapsz,

It appears you have found the most apparent reason that your “I’ve made a copy of Uncle Buck” is “not recognized at all by the Pioneer burner that made the burn”.

A quality error free Burned Media Disk should not contain ANY ‘Bad’ ‘Outer Section’.

It should be noted from your other current Forum posting titled “DVD Shrink won’t work at all” that you are also experiencing poor quality Burns with you Plextor Optical Burner.

You need to take steps to correct the reason your Pioneer DVR-111 and Plextor Optical Burner is producing ‘Bad’ ‘Outer Section’ poor quality Burns.

To summarize your problem – Using the DVD Fab & DVD Shrink software programs with Verbatim DVD+R Media both your Pioneer DVR-111 and Plextor Optical Burner are producing problematic poor quality Burns.


thanks for that, i will do some more burns with different discs and programs and see if i can come up with some ideas as to where my problems are.

still having problems, got latest verson of dvd fab, and now thats failing as well. I’ve not got a simple problem here, seems like a combination of a few, i think my writers are ok, for both to start having problems at same time is slim. Is there someting on my system that could be causing burns to fail, like chipset drivers etc? ATA drivers? Are there any programs i can get that can fully test my burners? Im trying to narrow down where the fault is and not having much luck, i’ve used 3 different types of media so it can’t be that.

Fab sometimes works but other times fails, when it does make a disc, it sometimes cannot be read in certain machines, while others can read it, shrink never works, fails on all burns, nero seems to work ok on its own, just copying standrard data files.

Anyone got any idea’s had this issue for months now and going through a lot of discs and head scratching:confused:

@ neojapsz,

A place to start effective troubleshooting your problem is booting your Computer in the ‘Safe Mode’ and see if when operating in the ‘Safe Mode’ corrects your problem. Suggest referring to the below Web Link for detailed information on how to perform troubleshooting in the ‘Safe Mode’. ->

You asked if there is software to test Optical Burners. Suggest using Nero CD DVD Speed ( and perform a Transfer Rate Test (TRT) on your Optical Burners. If unaware of how to perform a Nero CD DVD Speed Transfer Rate Test refer to the “CD-DVD Speed - A user guide” (


[QUOTE=bjkg;2242462]If unaware of how to perform a Nero CD DVD Speed Transfer Rate Test refer to the “CD-DVD Speed - A user guide” (

I believe the correct link above should be