Very strange behaviour of my 16H5S drive


Latelly, my 16H5S has an unusual behaviour. When aproaching 10x speed in a TRT isn’t continuu any more in reading procedure, and I don’t get it why.
I have it for about 9 months and was ok for many months. Could be the motor, or dust?
Could this problem be related with the fact that I can’t run any more a DL TRT as in pictures shown ?
CD TRT is ok, only for DVD is not guite ok. It’s still a consistent scanner.

I use Win XP SP2 and the software configuration is as it was, let’s say about 1 month ago when everything was ok

The DL TRT is a problem for my LG H42L but this last one is ok for DVD TRT

For me is just very strange

Do you have another drive with the 16H5S on the same channel? I had this symptom before when it was paired up with a drive that was only in UMDA2 mode. Once that drive was removed, the TRT from the 16H5S was fine again.

Thanks KTL.
Yes I do. I do have my CDWriter and it is in UDMA2 mode.
I’ll check without cdwriter to see what’s happen. Anyway … it’s a strange situation

Indeed. the cdwriter was the cause. But I’m still unable to run a normal TRT for DL discs. Now I’m blaming the new Nero kit :slight_smile:

Good to hear that the 16H5S isn’t hampered anymore. :slight_smile: Strange that it can’t run a TRT on DL discs. Perhaps you have some other burning engines conflicting with Nero?

Happy for my 16H5S, too.

Man … this is strange. I unistalled Nero and installed
The same screenshot as that with DL TRT from above. And the problem is also with H42L which is on the other cable. Uninstalled and without any Nero installed, Nero CD-DVD Speed run an OK TRT with both H42L and 16H5S. After installing again the problem reapeared.
I also have installed ImgBurn and some free software for burning … I don’t remember the name, and uninstalled Alcohol but seems that Alcohol wasn’t the problem.
I have one or more programs that interfere with my Nero but don’t know who is it.

Is someone else having this problem or who had this issue before? Don’t know what to do.

Did you use the same cdspeed version in your tests ?
When you installed nero, did you also install INCD ?

Beetwen Nero installations, when CDSpeed worked I used either 4.51.1, or and all these versions were ok. I didn’t install InCD. Is the only that I didn’t install.
I uninstalled ImgBurn and … no change.
I really don’t know what program I have and doesn’t like DL TRT testing. Only for DL. The SL TRT are ok

I’m able to do DQT and TRT with my 16H5S, and it’s the primary slave on a SiI-680A controller card.