Very specific imgburn/hardware question

Is it possible to burn an Audio CD with the AD-7200S and imgburn, BUT: the media is a dvd+r disc!??

I mean that at the end no one on earth can tell that it’s a DVD and not a CDA media by reading/software but only by looking at the disc with the human eye.

No. In order for a disc to look and function like a CD to software, it will have to be a CD. The second the disc was put into a CD-ROM drive, it would not work. Playback of the disc & ripping music would also not work as expected, even in a DVD drive.

No, it’s not possible to burn a DVD in CD Audio format.

It’s possible to burn a DVD containing music, but it can never be in CDDA format as needed by CD players.

please let me add since I’m not very sure if I made it clear what I would like to know:

The point here is that the DVD+R is written with pits size and tracks disance the size and distance as you would find it on a CD.

So it would play even on very old standalone audio CD Players and very old car stereos with cd function.

And going more specifically into my own question: Can a DVD+R be bookmarked as a CD anyway??

No. The physical qualities of the disc are already set. Track width is especially already well set, and no drive is capable of doing to DVDs what the Plextor Premium and other similar drives did with CDs regarding extending the pits and lands. A CD-only drive would have no clue how to use the media, as wouldn’t other DVD drives that expect set standards.

If this existed, old stereos would likely be the FIRST to reject such media, due to the physical differences between the two media and the differences in standards, the way a table of contents is written to the media, etc.

I see. Many thanks for the quick and complete help.

Yes, I indeed forgot the hardware pregroove on +r. But your answers make it clear that -r won’t be possible as well. Basically both are DVDs.

The reason behind my question was simply the fact, that music bought as a download would be better archived between the two hard layers of a DVD media than the in thin layer dye of a CD-R disc.

Many many thanks again.

Glad the reminder helped answer your question. :slight_smile:

Something less appealing would be to simply keep images of the audio CDs & re-burn as necessary. You might have to keep a small stockpile of CD-R, but it’s an option. I wish I could point out some CD-R models known to have a high physical durability.

A cd will always remain a cd, a dvd remain a dvd.

There is no bookmark etc. to overcome that.