Very soon: HVC (holographic versatile card)

[I]"Optware Holographic Versatile Card (30 GB HVC)
Optware, a developer of holographic data storage systems, plans to release it’s
Holographic 30GB Card at the end of 2006

A fake-device picture here shows the nice credit-card sized 30GB media as well. They say they can make it even smaller down to a memory card size.

While the hardware for reading/writing will be around EUR 7500 at release and the reading device alone be at EUR 1500, the media are said to be around 100 Yen ( 0,75 EUR, 1 USD).

The standardization of the holographic media technology is expected in December 2006 by ECMA, the guys who standarized the Javascript stuff and zillions of more technology standards.

Of course if some Sony’s or Microsofts would design their XBOX-4 or Playstation 4 hardware to use such a media for games, I am sure the price would rock down to a home user’s purchasing spot of around 200-800 EUR within a few months."[/I]

What do you think about it?
Could it become a status symbol?
Or maybe it will be a great flop due to the best storage capacity of USB pens?

Kind of “obsolete news” and the prices makes it unacceptable for the masses.

The first Blu-ray recorders were for about US$3,000 in Japan when first released to the public a few years ago. 7,500 Euro is about US$9,000, but who knows what will happen in three or five years?

And how many people bought a Blu-Ray recorder up till know??

Perhaps not yet one million, but not sure, but surely hardly close to the number of DVD burner and DVD recorder owners.

I don’t think any manufacturer produces more than 10,000 Blu-ray recorders in one month. Sony, Sharp, Pioneer, JVC, Matsushita, Samsung, LG… and Philips and Thomson are the 9 leaders and the five Japanese companies are relatively ahead of the rest though LG and Samsung also have some things (but not seriously marketed yet due to the domestic market differences between South Korea and Japan.)