Very slow write speed




Ive been using my plextor 750 dvd burner for about a month now but for some reason its going incredibly slow! It reads perfectly but when writing a dvd at 16x it takes over an hour! the end result is as good as ever but that time frame is a joke!

no idea whats coursed it, i have the latest drivers for it and my system is up todate too.

I use dvd x copy and dvd shrink/nero. The disks r 16x.

thanks for any help u can give. the plextor site wil only offer suport if i can find my serial number. bloody stupid if u ask me.


Possibly a problem with DMA not being enabled.


erm, what does this mean? i dont know how to enable it either.


Have a look at this link . It shows you how to check & correct it.

DMA is Direct Memory Addressing & the most efficient way of transferring data on the PC. If DMA is not enabled for a device HD, burner etc then the data transfer is very slow & uses a lot of CPU power. It’s a bad thing not having it enabled.


cheers, i think that was the problem. thankyou for the rapid replies.


I have changed the option to DMA if available but in ‘current transfer mode’ it still says PIO mode.

any ideas? its still taking ages to burn a dvd.


In the link from TimC, it explains that you need to delete the IDE channel where your 750 is and reboot. If after reboot your drive is still in PIO mode then try in Safe Mode (Press F8 while windows restart). In Safe Mode, delete the same IDE channel and reboot again in Safe Mode to check whether it’s in UDMA mode.


i must be doing something wrong, i cant see PIO or DMA modes on my DVD drive. its my hard drive that shows that.


Use Nero’s InfoTool & post the results from the log. This will help us see your configuration and advise the next steps.


I think this is the screen you were after. As you can see it says DMA is off.

thanks for the help chaps, this has been bugging me for some time.


Not quite what I wanted but it’ll suffice perfectly.

OK so what you do is go into Device Manager , then IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers & Primary IDE Channel. Then under Driver take the uninstall option. Follow that through & reboot. Then check again.

#12 is slow, you can always upload your images using the Manage Attachment button in cdfreaks.

Your PX-750A is in Primary IDE Channel. Delete the Primary IDE Channel in Device Manager and restart your PC when prompted. Check again using Nero InfoTools. If DMA still on OFF, redo the process. You might also want to try it in windows Safe Mode.

Edit: TimC is faster. :slight_smile:


Always. :bigsmile:

Next time I’ve give you a chance.


Ah, thats sorted it. nice one!

i was kinda worried uninstalling my primary IDE drive would get rid of my hard drive! but luckily i was wrong.


Glad it’s worked. Now look forward to some much faster burning.


Hey guys, I have the same problem this person had, burning dvd’s takes forever (in excess of an hour). Nero doesn’t let me select the speeds it should be able to do, like right now it says the max speed I can burn at is 8x, and max read is 10x (even though it says this it doesn’t actually burn this fast because it takes forever). The drive has the latest firmware (1.03) and that change had no effect on writing speeds. DMA is definetely enabled. I’m using RiData DVD+R 16x media and am having no luck burning anything at a decent rate. The dvds i have burned work fine, but damn it takes a long time…

Is it possible for the drive to be faulty, or is this media just not friendly with the drive or what?


It’s likely that the burners firmware doesn’t recognise the media. What burner do you actually have?


I have the PX-750A