Very slow startup...when using XP Firewall

If I enable the XP Firewall my PC gets a very slow startup…it takes up to 10 minutes…

Maybe I should enable some disabled services or something…but I don’t know which…

If nobody knows…tell me another firewall just like XP Firewall…which only filters incoming traffic…cause I want to have one next to my normal firewall…so I can disable him, when playing online etc…



shut the xp one down and use zone-alarm or black-ice

(no need to disable zone-alrm or black-ice when playing an online game.
Just allow the game to pass the firewall

check your EventViewer for any errors … they can tell you a lot of things going on in WIN XP and any errors/problems encountered during startup/general usage will be shown there.

To start Eventviewer go to start\run and type in

eventvwr.msc and eventviewer will start.

Right click on the event you want further information and it will tell you excatly what caused the error wich dll’s or system service etc.