Very slow On-The-Fly copies with DDU-1615/16P9SV

Not sure if I got the right forum, hope so. I’m not really trying to use this as my own personal troubleshooting forum or anything and i’ll be viewing the forums more often now.

First off, I have about 25 single duplication units and about 6 5-6 drive duplication towers. In the past I used all Pioneer burners in them but once when 16x burners came out I got 5 new ones and had a bad experience with them burning DVD-R Ritek media, so I switched to NEC and haven’t switched since.

All the towers use Acard controllers. 100% of them use Lite-ON and Asus drives (were are mostly Lite-On made anyway). Most are 167T and E616 drives.

Recently I ordered about 6 new 1-2 Duplication units. The drives in them were Sony DDU-1615 DVD-ROMS which were just just rebadged Lite-ON 1609SVs.

Here’s the very strange thing. I do a on the fly copy from one dvd-rom to the NEC 3550A burner. I burn at 8x and have used 4 different types of media and it’s definitely not that. It takes over 15-17 minutes to do one copy at 8X! This is without any verification or testing etc. I even upgraded to the latest firmware for the drive (with the speed unlock etc).

I thought it was the new unit, so i put the dvd-rom in another tower and same thing! I tried an Asus 616E in both and it’ll both do on the fly copies in 9 1/2 minutes or 10!

I’m so dissappointed! I have a Lite-ON 16P9SV as my main DVD-ROM in my pc and love it. I was reaching 14,700KB/sec last night with DVD dEcryptor on a DVD9 disc. Not bad, but not quite as good as those BenQ drives. I now want one so bad!!

I can’t believe how this drive can rip so fast, but yet when I asked it to do on-the-fly copies it goes soooo slow. I even used the same source media when I tried an on-the-fly copy with different towers.

So I did a dvd-rom to dvd-r copy and I was shocked to see that even my current setup took 16-17 minutes! This is just not right!

I guess i’ll pull out all my DDu-1615/16P9SV drives and switch back over to Asus 616A dvd-roms. It’s such a pain though.

Any idea why some dvd-rom are just so incredibly slow at doing on the fly copies? I even tried a new source media. The source was taiyo yuden media. Even tried new cables and hours of other testing. I think I read that the buffer was only 256k or so, maybe that doesn’t help me much?

I’m not that impressed with the NEC 3550A drives lately. I might switch back to Pioneer drives. Do you think the BenQ drives would be good for duplication systems? Do they work well with most DVD-R media? I use TDK 16x media (CMC MAG03? Scores a 95% in nero) and Taiyo Yuden. BenQ doesn’t seem to be very common in the USA where I am. Almost nobody I know who has a PC has heard of them! Perhaps they’re most common in europe?

Anyway, maybe someone has some ideas for me. If not, no big deal. Usually Lite-ON drives are good, but 17 minutes for an on-the-fly copy is just so terrible to me! My 4x burner burns faster than that!


the speed you can achieve not only depends on the writers used, but also on the source drive, which is a DVD-ROM drive in your case. Many optical drives are speed limited for several types of media.
If you can’t switch to using a HDD as source drive, there are three options:

  • complain at your vendor
  • replace the DVD-ROM by another drive that is faster
  • search for patched firmware that allows faster reading (flashing such a firmware voids warranty)


Many DVD-ROM drives will read at 3-8x CAV on some disc types, 5-12x on other types, and 6-16x CAV on others. So it really depends on what you are copying.

If you take the source drive with the desired disc, and run a CDSpeed transfer rate test, you’ll know what your true read speed is.

Also keep in mind that burners are all different at 8x, some will start at 6x and some will start at 4x, but most will upshift to a faster speed before the ROM drive has a chance to match that speed. This is due to Z-CLV burn speeds and/or PCAV vs CAV read speeds. So there may be fairly long stretches in the first 50% of the disc where your source drive is slower than the burn drive.

You’re stuck with either dropping burn speeds to 4x, or burning only from HD.

Thanks for the help! I’ve done hours of more testing, but have just come to the conclusion that the above DVD-ROM drive is just slower at doing on-the-fly copies than most others. No big deal since not many do on-the-fly copies I imagine. I’ve found the Asus E616 drives to be the fastest ever, so I just purchased some of those to use. I contacted the company and when I bought the units they were advertised as having Asus DVD-ROM drives. Instead they came with these really slow drives. No wonder they set the write speed to 4x on every unit! Luckily they are sending me the Asus drives and even paying for me to ship the Sony drives back.

It also seems to me that the NEC 3550A burns DVD-R a bit slower than the 3540. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but i’ll have to do some more testing on that. I’ve been using TDK 16x media and for being CMC MAG AM3 they’re pretty good! I’ve testing them in NERO even at 1x and some have scored a 97%. Not bad. I might switch to Taiyo Yuden though since I found a supplier that will sell me 2000 TY discs for even cheaper than the TDKs.

I also just bought some equipment for a 1-2 Target BenQ duplicator. I’ll see how that goes soon. Hopefully it will be pretty fast and reliable. So far I only use NEC/Pioneer and have had very few problems with those.