VERY slow DVD Burner


I hope someone can help me–I’m at the end of my rope. I have a DVD burner on my Dell system (Windows Vista) that’s going really slowly. So slowly in fact that I laugh when I see other posts from users complaining that it takes 90 minutes to burn a DVD (Ha! If only I could burn a DVD in 90 minutes!) I’m trying to back up photographs onto DVD and it literally takes days. Seriously, I look at the progress and it says “3 days, 7 hours remaining.”

I have not used this burner much but the first few DVDs I made didn’t have this problem.

I’ve seen a lot of posts suggesting that I make changes to the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller under “Device Manager,” but when I go there I don’t even see that option listed. After looking into it I think it’s because my system has RAID, which means it doesn’t use IDE.

Does this sound like a hardware problem or a software problem? I’m tempted to just rip the thing out and replace it but I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who tried that and still had the same problem! So I’m really at a loss. If anyone has any suggestions it would be very much appreciated.


Were the discs you used the same now as when you burned the DVD’s you spoke of. Quality of your discs is definitely a factor when burning speeds are comprimised. If you haven’t done this yet ,check out a number of different brands (TDK,Sony, Verbatim) and see which works. Good Luck.

Thanks for the reply. Pretty sure it’s not the disks, though. I’m using the same stack I was using a couple of weeks ago when I wasn’t having this problem. They are Sony disks so I think they are pretty good quality.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again …

It might be a cabling problem or a driver issue. Did you update or install any drivers before this occured? Something with your RAID controller must’ve changed that caused this. Perhaps it could be a faulty controller?

System restore to a few weeks ago? :wink:

The plot thickens …

I went out and bought an external DVD drive. I plugged it in, installed the driver and presto! I made a DVD in 3 minutes 15 seconds instead of 3 days 15 hours. I was happy.

Then I tried to make a second DVD, and same thing. It was crawling along at 65K per second instead of 10MB per second, which is what it was doing only minutes earlier.

Now last night using the old DVD burner I managed to get one DVD burned rather quickly, so this appears to be a software problem and it appears to be intermittent.

I tried doing a system restore but I have never had any luck with that. Whenever I’ve tried system restore in the past it goes through this whole song and dance, takes forever to start up again and then says, “Sorry, system restore was unsuccessful. No files changed.” Same thing today. I don’t know if it’s related to the DVD problem or not but I have this experience with pretty much any computer I’ve tried to do a system restore on.

So … does anyone have any guesses?


Change your “Raid” drivers for the manufacturer specific IDE drivers, if you aren’t using raid, of course :wink: