Very slow copy-process


I’m having a problem with DVDFab for a while, I searched the internet but could not find any good answers, so here it is:

DVDFab is from time to time very slow, sometimes it takes more than a hour to copy a disk to my harddrive. Other times it just works perfect and it only takes about 15 minutes. The funny thing is that when its really slow, I sometimes close DVDFab, restart it and then it works perfect with the same DVD, but this doesn’t work always. So it can’t be Hardware related, otherwise it won’t work perfect after a few restarts. But is DVDFab causing the problems or could it be Vista (32-bit Ultimate)? How can I solve this?

I thank you for all your answers.



Hi TheEnd,

I am running Winxp home edition with Liteon drive. I am experiencing the same problem. I can usually tell within 30 seconds if something is wrong by looking at the read speed display in Fab. I just restart Fab and it works OK. Minor problem, but very strange.:confused:

Sometimes it takes me up to 10 times restarting DVDFab before it works fine. It is indeed a minor problem, but a real annoying one.

WOW!! That is strange. Mine works OK after 1 restart. Maybe something on the pc is holding up the process temporarily.:confused::rolleyes:

Have you tried uninstalling DVDFab?Then downloading the newest version & installing that?Sometimes files get corrupted during an install.I also have Vista & not eveything works well with it.

Agree with rogman on this sure sounds like you have something going on in the computer like something else running as IMHO DVDFAB can’t be causing this