Very slow copy and burn



Two weeks ago I posted a new thread, Sudden Slowdown, which I thought was solved. But that isn’t the case.

I’m starting a new thread here, hoping that people who may have read and discarded the previous thread might have some idea how to solve this problem.

After many years of using DVDFab, usually about 15 to 20 minutes to copy to the hard drive and about 10 to 20 minutes to write from the hard drive to top quality media, all of a sudden, its taking an hour or more to do each.

I have reset the DMA, rebooted, and looked at CPU use and memory availability (all normal), to no avail.

In both the copy to HDD and write to media, the process starts out normally. When it starts, it shows somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes remaining, then goes down as usual for a minute or two. Then the time begins to climb, gradually getting longer until there’s just under an hour showing. Then it slowly tapers off and begins to decline. The speed then shows 0.9x (1.25 MB/s) and after a few minutes goes to 0.8 and then stays at 0.7 (1.0 MB/s). Formerly it wrote at 3.9 for 4X media. The last copy to disc took one hour and four minutes.

After the first time this happened, following a Windows update, I replaced the HDD with a recent clone, and everything went back to normal. For a day or two. Then it started again. I replaced the HDD again with a clean clone and it worked normally for one day, then the problem came back.

This time I had installed no new programs, did no Windows updates or updated any software, but a day later I’m seeing the sudden decline in speed.

I’m using the latest DVDFab release, but I tried an earlier, stable release and the same thing happened - so I don’t think it’s the software that’s causing it. I tried writing with ImgBurn as well as the VSO burn engine, and I tried with a different DVD burner. No change. I even copied to a different drive, but no improvement.

There’s got to be an explanation and hopefully a fix for this problem. I’m doing the most scientific thing I can think of - I’m crossing my fingers and hoping somebody here can help.


Is it a desktop or laptop ?


[QUOTE=StormJumper;2632728]Is it a desktop or laptop ?[/QUOTE]

Fast desktop, dual core CPU, 4 GB RAM


[B]It was bug in Windows 7 SP1 x64.[/B]

On a very exhausting search of the net to see if I could find a fix, I found two sources that told me that Windows 7 Sp1 x64 has a bug that can slow down USB 2.0 to 1.1.

At forums.mydigitalife I found an explanation on why this happens and a fix to download that would detect if the bug was on my system and correct it if it was. But it didn’t speed it up.

Then I found a genuine Microsoft fix that leads to downloading the update Windows6.1-KB2529073-x64.msu.

I did that a little while ago and have since transferred three 4+GB movies at the normally fast transfer speed.

I’ll come back and report if it doesn’t stay fixed.



Glad to hear you found the cause of your issue and the fix :cool:

Thank you :flower: for posting this info it will help others who may have this problem.



I went to MS to find the KB article to see what this fix does.
Here is what MS says:

This issue occurs because both the Usbport.inf file and the Usb.inf file refer to the Usbhub.sys file. However, Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 cannot handle this situation. Therefore, some USB related binaries are not copied correctly when you install SP1 for these operating systems.


Something triggered the problem very recently. Maybe a recent update.

I installed SP1 when it first came out - quite a while ago, but the USB slowdown only started last week.

The Microsoft fix (KB2529073) seems to have repaired it, though.