VERY Slow conversion to generic MP4

Trying to convert a 1hr 32 min dvd film into MP4 generic mode. It is converting at 9.24 fps; and is estimating a total time of over 4hrs (!).

This seems desparately slow to me. The same task using Nero Recode to convert to Nero Digital on this same (fast) PC takes about 30 minutes.

What is going on?


Have you checked the DMA status on your HDD’s?

not DMA, just slow recoding to h.264 as I read elsewhere; plus I was encoding a large screen resolution. I have started a separate thread to ask what people think are the best parameters to use when encoding to generic mp4 format.


I asked Ting about this once and he said slow conversions to H.264 are normal due to the additional calculations that must be done. My P4 HT 3.2 GHz runs them at a pitiful 15-18fps.:frowning:

Well, the large screen resolution I chose may have taken 4.5 hrs to encode, but the result looks beautiful on my Dell 24" widescreen monitor :slight_smile: Just a pity it doesn’t also playback on my MG-35(Freecom) media player box. I suspect I need to upgrade to the HD version to playback these h.264 files.


Ouch, that sounds like a job for the “Shut Down PC When Done” button.:slight_smile: