VERY slow cd read, VERY slow buffer fill




i am using liteon dvd-rom and a liteon 24x burner. I have the same problem with clone cd, i dont know what to do. On some things i copy like XP Corp editon it works fine and fast, but i just tryed to burn C&C Renegade and it went terribly slow. The Burner light went from orange to red instead of its normal red. I dont know what to do. Someone please help me.


Hey MANicTHorTek…

I will have to assume you are using XP Corp? What kind of RAM and ProcSpeed you set 2?

If you are using XP xxx did you check your cache sizing? or try to get the latest firmware for your burner?

and since I am here, do you know of a good link to tryout XP Corp Pro? I have had no luck finding such a link, you can eme@ or post here.


You are not allowed to talk about illigal copies in here.

If you read protected cd’s like C&C3 it will take longer then a WinXp cd. Even with clonecd.