Very slow burns with 3520 & Ridata 8X

I recently noticed that when I burn a IMG file (dvd movie) onto a 8X ridata, nero says " burn started at 8X but it take like 40 minutes to burn!! :rolleyes: I 've checked the dma and it’s at the correct setting of ultra dma mode 2. I’ve burned before at 8X no problems but that was data files. Can someone pls help? 40 minutes is a little to long for me! :eek:

Check out the following page for a tip on how to get Nero to show the actual burn speed instead of just showing the maximum burn speed for the whole session.

Show Actual Write Speed in NERO

Works like a charm. Its the one thing that was missing from Nero, and now you have it. This’ll tell you what speed your media is really burning at instead of just saying 8X.