Very slow burning sony d26

I just built up a Dell 8400:
Sony d26 burner with Nero OEM software master on primary IDE port
Primary hard drive 160 SATA
Secondary HD 160 ATA 133 on Maxtor/Promise PCi controller

It takes over 10 minutes to burn a CD. SW says it is burning @ 40x 6000kb/sec. My old burner (a pioneer 105) would burn in half the time.
Is my problem software (Nero), firmware (more about this later), or do I have a drive problem?

Re:Firmware. Downloaded the Liteon upgrade (1673) - wouldn’t do the Sony drive. Decided to try the Omnipatcher to get rid of the Sony ID -downloaded a Zip file that wouldn’t unzip. Also downloaded a patched 1673 that wouldn’t do anything either (not valid archive?). Probably the .rar format which I don’t understand at all.

What is my best approach to this?

  • Get Nero the show the real burn speed: [thread]51053[/thread] (useful in situations like this ;))

  • Check your drive’s DMA settings: [thread]101616[/thread]

Thank you for the quick reply. The burner is in Ultra DMA operation.
I forgot to mention (maybe very significant) that the media I am using (all I have here) is 24x. But the Pioneer still burned at least twice as fast.
Any ideas as to whether I should try the firmware, if I can figure out how to unpack the files? I have disabled Power Desk, which has its own ideas about how to handle .zip. Now when I try to unpack, I get, for a fraction of a second, a DOS like screen, and then nothing.

I think I may have found it! I did the registry speed thing, and when I went to test it, found that I was out of that 24x media, used some printable Ritek ( not sure of speed) and it recorded a 55 minute audio disk in about 2 minutes.
Thanks for the help.

no support anywhere for this model–have you found ANY reference to it on Sony or Dell or other websites? Where can you get firmware updates?

Since my post I have learned (thanks to Pinto) that this is actually a Lite On IT SOHW-1673S.

Looks like you’re aware of this, but as a warning to others, it’s better to buy the actual LiteOn IT drive directly from Newegg or other retailer.

No thanks to Sony or Dell.