Very slow burning on SH-S203N

Hi all!
I have problem with my SH-S203N burner. It burns DVDs very slow:
@16x to burn full DVD cca 14min
@12x to burn full DVD cca 12min (that is confusing me also - at lover speed it burns a bit faster)
It seams that at any speed it just cant burn DVD below 10min…

I usually burn a UDF type of DVD, images of 4,5GB, tested on Vermatim and Imation DVD-R DVDs… It is allways the same

What I’ve noticed is that burner starts burning very fast and 25% of DVD it burns in less than 2min but then it slows down and becomes very quiet and continues to burn that way to the end.

It happened on old firmware, version 00, so I’ve flashed it to latest - v01 but theres no difference…

Just to say, in almost 2 years of having it, it burned only 1 DVD with errors, everything else if burned perfectly and easy to read on any DVD drive… so it is ony the speed of burning

my mobo is Gigabyte P35C DS3R


Hi and Welcome!

from your description, I guess there might be some interface issue.
In case your Sata controller is set to IDE in Bios, please check if UDMA is enabled for your drive. The “current transfer mode” should be UDMA5.

You may also check or even replace the Sata cable.