Very Slow After burning?

Is that normal? pc get very “heavy” after burn? … after some time it gets normal again… is that normal?


Hi - Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but when burning to a disc, the computer uses a lot of ram (your fast system memory). The system gives the burning application priority over the the ram, and when this occurs, idle programs in memory are transfered to the virtual memory (virtual “ram”) on the harddrive (which is MUCH slower since it’s a mechanical device). If you don’t have a lot of ram, your computer has to recompensate for the memory transfer from the ram to harddrive after the burn is complete by moving the data back from the virtual memory to the system ram (in the order of usage, it stays in the virtual ram until requested for use by the system). That’s why your computer is slow right after your burn and speeds up after you use the programs again (the programs and system files return to the system ram).

Hmmmm thats explain!!! Thanks for the info :smiley: :smiley: