Very Simple Question: What is the BEST



The date as of today is 26th June, 2004.


I’ve been using the LiteOn 2410B CDR for many years now. It has served me well, very well I might add. Burnt over 6000 CDs with it easily. Well, its time folks…

My question(s) are simple:

  • What is THE BEST LiteOn CD Writer available in the market today? I dont want the latest model with the most fancy features. I want a tried and tested model with ROCK SOLID stability and LONGETIVITY. I had my eyes on the LiteOn 523252, anything better than that one? (Note: I want a CD Writer, NOT a DVD Writer)

  • Assuming you have answered the above question. What is the best, most stable, most tested firmware available for the LiteOn model you recommended above.

  • I’ve done a lot of research about CDR media. I know TY is good. I know CMC is bad. However, I am a bit vague on the details. Are there any known brands of media that work exceptionally well with LiteOn? Or, on the other hand, are there any brands (or dye types) that DONT work well with LiteOn? For instance, isnt it true that anything made using Mitsubishi chemicals is bad for LiteOn?

Once again, THANK YOU!


I would get the SOHR-5238s. The retail pckage is only $30.99 at with free shipping.

Usually in my experience with liteon cdrw’s, the latest firmware gave me great results. Saying which is the best is a matter of opinion. The only way to know which firmware is best for you, is to test them and see. But as I said, they all were good for me.

And please, in the future, try to take it easy on the CAPS, it’s considered shouting.

Hope that helps.


hmm, can you tell me whats the difference between the SOHC 5232K and the SOHR-5238?
Which one of these would you recommend?


The SOHC-5232K is the combo drive that does 52x32x52x and 16x dvd reading. I have this drive and have been very pleased with it. It cost me about $47 on newegg a couple of weeks ago, so it’s a little bit more money, but it’s worth it if you want to watch dvds or rip them etc. The SOHR-5238s is just a cd burner, no dvd.


Thanks for your reply dude.

In another forum I was recommended the 52327S drive and also the SOHR-5238.
What do you have to say about that?
So far, I’ve narrowed my list down to 3 choices:

  • 52327S
  • SOHC-5232K
  • SOHR-5238s

What should I go for?

Thanks again!


There had been some confusion with the 52327s about which firmware to use because liteon manufactured two versions of the drive, one with an eeprom, and one without. The one without gets special firmwares because it has the eeprom data contained inside the firmware itself and not on the drive. So if you flashed a non-eeprom drive with a regular firmware, then it would not be a good thing, I think it might result in a dead drive, not sure off the top of my head. Anyway, that is why I was reccomending the 5238s because it doesn’t have this issue and thus is easier to upgrade the firmware, etc. I should suspect both drives would perform the same. As far as the SOHC-5232k goes, I like this drive because it suits my needs. If you’re never going to watch a dvd in the computer or rip them to divx, then just get the 5238s.

Have a look at this thread for more information about the differences in the hardware of the two 52327s’s


Lets not forget that the 811S DVD burner does an awesome job with CDR’s.

But my vote goes to the tried and true 52327S for pure CD burning pleasure.


If I might ask, what makes you rate the 52327S higher than the others? Experiance? Reviews?
Also, what about firmware and media.



Experience. Best FW depends on the specific drive. Most any media will work, but Ritek and TY are always best.


hmm, is the 52327s the same as 523252 drive?

The computer shops around my place dont seem to have the 52327s, but they have 523252… are these both the same driveS? They claim its the “latest” version, but… I dunno. They often lie.


Such a model does not exist. They probably thought that the model number is just composed of the drive speeds concacted together, which is not the case, since the final two digits/letters represent the generation and and laser family and have nothing to do with the drive’s speeds.


Well, in that case… uhm… what model number is the driver that is allegedly 523252?


I don’t know. LiteOn produces two drives that fit the 52x/32x/52x specs. The (now retired) 52327S and the new model that’s replacing it (don’t remember the model number off the top of my head). So it could be either one.

IMHO, it really doesn’t matter which one of these two you get. The 52327S was recommended by rdgrimes because it’s an older model that people have more experience with. But there has been no indication that the newer model is any worse, and given LiteOn’s past history of performance with new models, there doesn’t seem to be much risk that the new model would perform any worse.

The same is true for firmware. For the most part, the latest firmware really is the greatest. There are a few exceptions, most of them involving LiteOn’s first generation DVD-burners (with the exception of GS0H vs. GS0F, I don’t see this as the case with the 51S and 2S DVD burners), but in most cases, newer is better. And to address the other question you had earlier, when it comes to CD burning, LiteOn drives can burn just about anything you feed it. Goodness knows I’ve fed my Litey a bunch of crap-grade CDs and they still burned fine.