Very serious Lite-On 832S issues

Ok so I have an 832S DVD-RW drive and I installed the packaged software (nero and power DVD). I attempted to play two different DVDs, one didn’t play very well (the menu was messed up) and the other basically didn’t work. I tried in both power DVD and WMP. As a result of this I decided to get the most recent firmware to see if that would remedy the issue. I downloaded the VERY recently released VS0E frimware from…

The drive is more or less useless now and I don’t know how to fix this problem. When I stick computer CDs in often they will auto run but then if you go to istall or play a music track the drive will make the whirring noise but no lights or action. Sometimes you can get a music track to play after MUCH waiting but the result is 1 or so seconds of music and then a very long pause. If you try to ctrl-alt-delete does it nothing and the computer locks up, only ejecting the CD restores functionality.

It can read information but it can’t access any of it. I haven’t tried but I assume that I can’t copy files from a CD to the hard drive.

I need soemone that knows how to fix this problem and HOPEFULLY someone that can help me get through it without too much chaos. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I know this might end up getting moved and I understand that. I was hoping that putting it in the general forum would help more than just putting it in the Lite-On forum.

OK first thing, we’ll need a little more info on your system. Operating sys, CPU, RAM…
what channel your dvd drive is on (master slave etc)
Is DMA mode on (open the “System Diagnostic” from power dvd)
are you vid card drivers up to date… what is your vid card
maybe get a new IDE cable or change the plug

Better start with what your running and then we’ll get to the hardware changes later

Well I’m almost certain that its the firmware upgrade. The problem popped up as soon as the update was finished. The DVD drive itself was working fine before the update though I hadn’t used it to copy anything yet so I can’t attest to that. I had however used it to install dozens of programs without a problem and it did read the dvds, kinda. I put the computer together about 2 or so weeks ago.

System specs (all drivers are up to date)
Running Windows XP pro, ASUS K8N MoBo, 1 gig Corsair Value Select, BFG 6800, 120 gig SATA HDD.

DVD Drive is on Master and is the only device on the IDE, I haven’t tried changing it to the other ide prong but I don’t think thats the issue.

As far as I know I updated “properly” in that there was no CD in the drive and there were no power failures or anything else.

Hmmm… maybe go back a firmware or use a firmware from (they have tools so you can go back a firmware if the windows program wont let you)

The Lite-On site only has the most recent firmwares, and even then you have to do some crazy work to get them to download. Is there a site where I can get a firmware from a few revisions ago? Or better yet any 832S users know what firmware is good AND where I can snag it from?

If you want to get ahold of me via PMs you can do that too.

Try This
Edit:/ Or not… i’ll look for a better link

Edit again:/ This one has the right files

The VS05 revision from that page was linked to a database. I downloaded the windows installer from there and had 0 problems reflashing. The drive now appears to work, it played my music CD the first try. From what I read the VS05 revision was pretty good as far as burning quality goes too.

Good Stuff… i’d stick with that version untill lite-on bring one or 2 more revisions out.

We’ve got one of the sony-700A’s and it’s crap but i’ll download the lite-on firmware and see if it fixes it

Thanks for your help Ronin.

np’s glad to be of service