Very Quick Question

Can an unreliable, in other words unbranded/cheapo, PSU cause spikes when burning a DVD? I mean the spikes when I check the quality using Kprobe, could it be cause of an el cheapo PSU?

I wouldn’t think so but one rule I have always used is:
If the problem is really strange, check these three things:
1/ The powersupply.
2/ The powersupply.
3/ The powersupply.


I was having some strange problems with my scans and went through my whole system, optical drives, cables, firmwares, etc…
Ended up changing the, yes Power Supply :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Well that’s all I needed to know. Wanted to make sure before I went out to get a good brand. I also didn’t remember having spikes before I had my crappy brand, but then again I didn’t have this kind of media. Well I’ll get the power supply and see how it goes. This is a good PSU,, right?

I’m not sure about that I haven’t heard of that brand.
I would ask on the hardware forum, You don’t hear much about power supplies till they die!

lol, kk I’ll go pos there. Thanks anyways.

It is very unlikely your PSU is the cause of your crappy burns unless of course your PSU is a dreaded piece of crap and the voltages are all over the place and completly off spec. I know people with generic PSUs and have perfect DVD burns.

What you should be concerned with is the media quality and the drive quality. Perhaps your burner needs to be replaced :slight_smile: or you need to quit using media you buy at the flea market :slight_smile:

stranger things have happened!

I have all my opticals on motherboard EIDE cables and my HDD on a promise ultra ata-133 card. The card has windows xp drivers and it was last updated on 10/2003 to version .43 ok I got my first burner xmas of 2003 and since have updated to faster opticals, all along i notice odd spikes on scans and speed3 burn tests. But thought nothing about it, as there still played ok.

I told this to a friend and he said promise drivers had bug in it that hogged the PCI bus and would not give up the bus mastering, for said bus. He told me to uninstall my promise HDD drivers not even used for opticals and load the one before dated 5/2003 Well gee this sounds stupid but i did it and for the first time since i had burners my scans and my burn tests had no weird spikes. So its possible your problem could be something not even releated to burners hardware or cables or even pc PSU.

Hmm, posting and answering pm at same time is not that good idea, I see… dual post. Please remove.

KenW, I read about that same problem on some forum (just can´t remember right now which) a while ago… :wink: I think you are right.
The chipset and controllers play a big part here.

BTW, on my old box I was running 2HDD´s, 2 Litey´s and a DVD-reader, powered with a cheapo old “made in Taiwan” 250W PSU. Never experienced any “spiking” problem. The oposite, my scans have always been some of the “cleanest” on this board.

But, for a P-4 box and fast SATA drives it´s always safer with 400+W PSU.


I been in pc game since I was teen in 70,s my first pc was radio shack TSR 80 with 16k of ram with 64k update, as i recall. I have owned about all pc types as well as appleII and c64 c128, xt pc 286, 386, 486, P1,2,3,4. And I have learned one thing, what ever pc error it is, it usually is never what you would believe it should be. :iagree:

Well I currently have a PowMax PSU, 450W I think. I have an ASUS K8V-SE Deluxe mobo. Those are the only things that it could be as I’ve changed media and still have the same problem. Though it ended up being Ritek media again, but this time it was +R and R02 media. I still have the wierd spikes and I’m guessing it’s cause of the PSU now. I’m changed firmwares, mobo BIOS, cables, and even tried just taking off all non-essential HW but it didn’t do any good. The motherboard does have that promise thing that you were talking about but I don’t use it and even have it turned off via BIOS.