Very pleased with new DW1620!

Just got it today and so far it is all I hoped it would be. It replaced a LiteOn SOHW-1673S I got about 2 weeks ago that I wasn’t very happy with. I flashed it with B7T9 firmware and am using up some “value” TaiyoYuden DVD-R 4X (TYG01). 4 burns so far with nothing scanning below a quality score of 97. I’m looking forward to getting some faster media.

I was a bit disconcerted when I noticed the green LED staying on, but quickly found the thread in this forum and realized it is normal whenever there is a disc in the drive.

I want to thank everyone here for helping me choose the DW1620, even though I didn’t actually ask anyone’s opinion. Just reading how most of you were happy with your drives, and particularly with the outstanding quality of the burns was what convinced me.

Happy Burning!!

Congrats on your purchase and welcome!



Above 97 sounds pretty good. In my case, PIF of the value TY was very good but PIE was a little bit high. (Avg 10~20, max 20~50).

BTW, TYG02 strategy works fine for the G01. If you feel the need of faster burn, it’s worth trying.

Thanks for the tip jk736.

I downloaded the MCSE and changed the write strategy of the TYG01 to TYG02 (firmware B7T9) and burned at 8X. The quality scores of the scans are even better than when I was burning at 4X (lower PIE & PIF). Awesome!